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Gift retailers, it’s TIME to grow your business.

People love their pets. Dedicated “pet parents”—62% of American households—will spend almost $53 billion this year on an ever-widening array of merchandise for their animal companions—often before they spend money on themselves. Are you taking advantage of that promising fact? Unique pet products are right at home on gift store shelves. By adding them, you can create a steady stream of traffic and sales while you add loyal customers and set your store apart. Let SuperZoo show you how.

Shop a huge variety of product categories to find hot sellers and one-of-a-kind offerings that are ideal for your merchandise mix.

  • Books & Gifts
  • Fashion-forward clothing & Accessories
  • Trend-Inspired Collars, Harnesses and Leashes
  • High-end Furniture, Beds, Bowls and Cages
  • Grooming and Spa Products
  • Design-driven Toys

Shop a huge variety of product categories for hot sellers and one-of-a-kind offerings to complement your mix.

Compare products, shop for show specials and establish relationships with suppliers who can help you build your online sales.

  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Rolf C Hagen
  • Nestle Purina
  • Oster
  • Central Garden and Pet
  • United Pet Group
  • PetSafe
  • Hills Pet Nutrition
  • Bayer
  • Hartz
  • Sergeants Pet Care

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The highly regarded SuperZoo University will present topics and sessions of particular value and interest to retail businesses, including:

“Once Optional, Now Required: The New Rules of Small Business Success”
Presented by Jon Schallert, The Schallert Group

“Capturing Today’s Over-Marketed Consumer by Becoming a Destination Business”
Presented by Jon Schallert, The Schallert Group

“Beyond Facebook: Using New Social Media Tools Including Instagram, Piinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn to Drive Retail Sales”
Presented by Lynn Switanowski, Creative Business Consulting Group

“When Customers Do Research Online, Do You Win? Here’s How You Can”
Presented by Lynn Switanowski, Creative Business Consulting Group

“Are You Managing Your Time—Or Is It Managing You? Simple Strategies to Organize Your Time and Get More Done Every Day”
Presented by Lynn Switanowski, Creative Business Consulting Group

“Mystery Shopping: Pulling out the Microscope for Your Retail Business”
Presented by Ann Obarski, Merchandise Concepts

“Uncover the Real Secrets of: What Women Want in Your Store”
Presented by Ann Obarski, Merchandise Concepts

“Connecting with Pet Shoppers: How to Reach the Consumers that Really Count”
Presented by Michael Johnson, Chuch Latham Associates

Click here to view the full education program.

SuperZoo Receives Trade Show Award

SuperZoo is pleased to announce that we have received the award of being the trade show with the overall fastest-growing net square footage from Trade Show News Network! The SuperZoo team received the award during the 3rd Annual TSNN T-awards weekend celebration held Nov. 2-4 in Louisville, Ky.

Read more about it at:

SuperZoo Wraps Up Hugely Successful Show

With a record-breaking number of participants flooding the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, SuperZoo was a true reflection of the growing pet industry it serves. For four consecutive years, the event has increased in size and scope, this year hosting 871 exhibiting companies in 160,000 net square feet of sold out exhibit space. Attendance also increased 12 percent over the 2011 event and participants hailed from 53 countries including Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia and Mexico. “We are thrilled with the continued success of the show—especially in terms of the quality of buyers present,” said Doug Poindexter, World Pet Association President. “This is a testament to the strength and vitality of the pet industry in North America.”

The quality of the buyers was a common theme among exhibitors who attended the event, Sept. 11-13, 2012. Many exhibitors stated that this was the best SuperZoo yet for attracting nationwide stores with considerable purchasing power. According to Greg Wheeler, Managing Partner of CleanTraks, LLC, “We’re seeing big buyers, big chains, buyers from overseas—it’s been great.” Buyers represented every segment of the market—from big box and Internet retailers to distributors, independent retailers and everything in between.

Buyers toured the colorful SuperZoo neighborhoods looking for the fresh ideas, new products and bestsellers to stock their shelves. The New Product Showcase made finding the latest products effortless and even allowed participants to vote for the best product of the year. On Sept. 11, SuperZoo awarded the “Best New Products of 2012” in nine categories—plus Best in Show.

Overall Best in Show

  1. A & E Cage Company – Java Wood Bird Toys
  2. Lucky Litter dba Brilliant Pet – FroliCat FLIK
  3. Angels’ Eyes – Angels’ Eyes Shampoo


  1. Classic Paws/Aquatica Gallery – Magic Globe Aquarium
  2. Central Garden & Pet Company – Aqueon Evolve Aquarium Kit
  3. BioBubble Pets – BioBubble Premium


  1. A & E Cage Company – Java Wood Bird Toys
  2.  Caitec Corporation – Mastermind Foraging Devices
  3. Caitec Corporation – The Percher


  1. Lucky Litter dba Brillant Pet – FroliCat Flik
  2. Lucky Litter dba Brillant Pet – FroliCat DART DUO
  3. Lucky Litter dba Brillant Pet – FroliCat Pounce


  2. dogPACER – mini PACER
  3. All Paw Pet Products LLC – Poogo Stick


  1. Perri’s Leather – Clever Canine Collection


  1. Angels’ Eyes – Angels’ Eyes Shampoo
  2.  Envirogroom – Envirogroom Natural Shampoos
  3. Best Shot Pet Products – ONE SHOT Maximum Strength


  1. Critter Zone by Air Restore – Critter Zone by Air Restore
  2. Critter Zone by Air Restore – Critter Zone by Air Restore


  1. BioBubble Pets – BioBubble Terra
  2.  A & E Cage Company – Reptile Javarium
  3.  Fibercore – Eco-Bedding

Small Animals

  1. BioBubble Pets – WonderBubble
  2.  Lixit Corporation – Rabbi Feeder/Water Fount
  3. D.B.A., Comfort Urns – Pet memorial Urns

Just as exciting as the business conducted between pet retailers and suppliers at SuperZoo were the educational opportunities presented. Several sessions were sold out, including Business Reinvention: The New Normal on Main Street & Every Street and Beyond Facebook. One of the featured topics at this year’s conference was The Destination Business, presented by special guest instructor Jon Schallert of the Schallert Group. Schallert walked attendees through his 14-step strategy to transform businesses from a ‘store’ to an ‘experience.’ “To look at the audience and see a room completely full was outstanding,” commented Debra Spaulding, World Pet Association (WPA) conference coordinator. “It’s our main priority to provide attendees with top-notch education that will help them improve their retail businesses in meaningful, measurable ways. This year we accomplished just that.”

The Groomer SuperShow was also creating buzz with new grooming products in Groomer’s Court, expert training in the seminar program and a series of international grooming competitions, which adorned the show floor with masterfully groomed dogs. The winners were announced and awarded trophies, plaques and more than $45,000 in prize money. Irina Pinkusevich from Florida took home the Tom McLaughlin Super Jackpot Title and $10,000—the largest one-time purse in the industry. The full list of winners can be viewed here.

The pets weren’t the only stars on the show floor. Holly Madison from Lucky Pet Products, Corbin Maxey from Pet Carousel, as well as Jose Conseco and Steve Garvey from Natural Balance made appearances. On stage at the House of Blues, attendees were treated to a Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo concert on opening day. The concert was sponsored by P&G Pet Care, with all proceeds going to the Pets in the Classroom program.

On Sept. 11, our very own WPA celebrity, Paul Jolly, was presented with the Jiro Matsui Award. Deemed the organization’s highest honor, the Matsui Award is named after former board president Jiro Matsui, and honors lifetime contributions to the pet industry. Vice President for Petco Animal Supplies, Executive Director for the Petco Foundation and co-founder of PAWS LA, Jolly has devoted his life to saving and enhancing the lives of companion animals. Through his work with the Foundation alone, nearly 5 million animals have found homes though adoptions at Petco stores and millions more through their rescues and shelters.

In 2013, SuperZoo will return to the Mandalay Bay with new July dates (July 23-25, 2013) to better align with buying cycles and new product launches. For more information, photos, interviews and more, contact Jacquelyn Clair-Wells at

SuperZoo 2012 New Product Showcase Winners

Congratulations to all of our SuperZoo 2012 New Product Showcase Winners!  Below is a list of the product, company, and booth number of the winners by category.  Be sure to stop by their booths and take a look at the winning products!  And stay tuned for the overall winner of the 2012 New Product Showcase!


1st Place:

Magic Globe Aquarium

Classic Paws / Aquatica Gallery

Booth #477


2nd Place:

Aqueon Evolve Aquarium Kit

Central Garden & Pet Company

Booth #2461


3rd Place:

BioBubble Premium

BioBubble Pets

Booth #1555



1st Place:

Java Wood Bird Toys

A&E Cage Company LLC


2nd Place:

Mastermind Foraging Devices

Caitec Corporation

Booth #2528


3rd Place:

The Percher

Caitec Corporation

Booth #2528



1st Place:

roliCat FLIK

Lucky Litter dba Brilliant Pet

Booth #773


2nd Place:


Lucky Litter dba Brilliant Pet

Booth #2602


3rd Place:

FroliCat Pounce

Lucky Litter dba Brilliant Pet

Booth #1980



1st Place:



Booth #3731


2nd Place:

mini PACER


Booth #2075


3rd Place:

Poogo Stick

All Paw Pet Products LLC

Booth #1558



1st Place:

Clever Canine Collection

Perri’s Leather

Booth #977



1st Place:

Angels’ Eyes Shampoo

Angels’ Eyes

Booth #2736


2nd Place:

Envirogroom Natural Shampoos


Booth #1918


3rd Place:

ONE SHOT Maximum Strength

Best Shot Pet Products

Booth #1622



1st Place:

CRITTER ZONE by Air Restore

Critter Zone by Air Restore

Booth #2016


2nd Place:

CRITTER ZONE by AirRestore

Critter Zone by Air Restore

Booth #2958



1st Place:

BioBubble Terra

BioBubble Pets

Booth #1454


2nd Place:

Reptile Javarium

A&E Cage Company LLC

Booth #2461


3rd Place:



Booth #1054



1st Place:


BioBubble Pets

Booth #2124


2nd Place:

Rabbit Feeder/Water Fount

Lixit Corporation

Booth #2555


3rd Place:

Pet’s memorial Urns

D.B.A., Comfort Urns

Booth #549


SuperZoo – Index to the Pet Industry Trade Show Highlights!

The countdown is on!  Only one day until SuperZoo 2012!  For the past few months, we have been posting various blogs with information on SuperZoo and its different components.  To make things a little easier for you, we thought we would post a directory of sorts of some of the blogs you might want to refer to will preparing for the SuperZoo Experience:

See you in tomorrow at SuperZoo 2012!

SuperZoo Set to Deliver Record-Breaking Event, September 11 – 13 in Las Vegas

People love their pets. That’s the simple, incontrovertible fact behind the growth of an industry that has proven over the past few years to be virtually recession-proof. According to IBISWorld Reports, dedicated pet parents in the U.S. alone will spend $52.87 billion on their animal companions this year, foregoing their own personal discretionary expenditures in favor of buying an ever-widening array of products, supplies and services for their pets.

That’s good news for the thousands of pet retailers attending SuperZoo 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada in less than a week. They stand to gain significantly from the increasing demand of the growing pet market, and they’ll be touring the colorful “neighborhoods” of their industry’s favorite trade event, looking for the fresh ideas, new products and bestsellers that will help them capitalize on their opportunities.

They won’t be disappointed. SuperZoo 2012, which increased booth space by 18% this year and sold out in record time, will house 871 exhibiting companies in a lively, inspiration-filled location that puts the newest pet market trends and innovations on full display. Among the attention-getters this year: all-natural, earth-friendly organic products; high-tech innovations that include computerized ID tags, automatic doors, programmable feeders and touch-activated toys; pet seatbelt systems, travel accessories and supplies; and mobile services for aging seniors and their pets. Pet fashion also continues to trend, with this season’s collections including faux mink coats, designer jackets, Halloween costumes, holiday attire and upscale leather carriers—all captured in true high-fashion style in SuperZoo’s “Rodeo Drive” neighborhood.

Amid all the business-building inspiration, SuperZoo attendees will have the opportunity to “hit the books” to strengthen and grow their companies as well. SuperZoo University, which has earned the description, “the best educational program in the business,” will present cutting edge content in three targeted tracks, Business Development, Animal Wellness and Technology/Internet. Headlining the program this year is business consultant Jon Schallert, renowned expert on transforming businesses into “consumer destinations.”

Pet groomers will also find ample business-building opportunities at SuperZoo. The

Groomer SuperShow, a key element of the event, features popular Groom Team USA sanctioned competitions, skill improvement training and the Groomer’s Court, where the latest products from top grooming suppliers are on display. SuperZoo is serious business for pet professionals who want to stay competitive. But it didn’t get to be the industry’s most popular trade event without injecting a generous dose of fun into the proceedings—and 2012 is no exception. Among the many opportunities to relax, connect and enjoy the SuperZoo atmosphere, pet professionals will be treated to a concert by Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo at the House of Blues. The performance will be held Tuesday, September 11 in conjunction with SuperZoo, with general admission tickets available to attendees for $10. The concert is sponsored by P&G Pet Care, with all proceeds going to the Pets in the Classroom program.

As SuperZoo fast approaches, attendees are finalizing last-minute plans and looking forward to three days of profitable fun in Las Vegas. To make the most of their time at SuperZoo, attendees are urged to download a Mobile App to help them plan their agenda and navigate the show. They can also stay current on all the “SuperNews” through the show’s twitter feeds and Facebook posts, which will feature highlights from the show floor, competition results, breaking information and more. Advance registration is available through Sept. 10, 2012. Those who have not yet registered are encouraged to do so at


The World Pet Association (WPA) is the oldest industry organization promoting responsibly growth and development of the companion pet and related products and services. WPA works to inform and educate the general public in order to ensure safe and healthy lifestyles for our animal friends. WPA is the host of America’s Family Pet Expo, the world’s largest consumer pet and pet products expo, held annually in Costa Mesa, California and Puyallup, Washington. The organization also produces SuperZoo, an annual pet industry trade show that showcases a comprehensive collection of exhibits and offers a variety of informative educational seminars. SuperZoo 2012 will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada September 11-13.

SuperZoo Highlights

Known as the retail pet industry innovator, SuperZoo attracts over 12,000 pet pros each year, with more than 850 exhibitors, the latest products and trends, spectacular live animal displays, industry-leading education, international grooming contests, and high-energy networking events.


  •  After a huge and successful event in 2011 that saw an impressive 26 percent increase in attendance and 15 percent increase in exhibitors, SuperZoo is setting its sights on even greater participation in 2012. SuperZoo has already sold out the show floor in record time, with 869 exhibiting companies—up 11.3 from 2011 and up 18.3 percent in the number of booths. SuperZoo has been honored by Trade Show News Network and Trade Show Executive as one of the fastest growing trade shows in the US.
  •  SuperZoo shines the spotlight on the latest pet innovations and trends. Stop by the two New Product Showcases for a quick look at what’s new (dog, grooming and misc. products located just past the SuperZoo Information Booth #2942 and cat, bird, aquatic, equine, reptile and small animals located adjacent to the main registration hall.) For a list of exhibitor press releases and product launches, visit the Digital Press Room at Of note, Holly Madison will be launching a new line of pet products at SuperZoo, Lucky Pet Products, and will be at the show signing autographs from 2:00pm – 3:00pm on Sept. 11th and 12th.
  • SuperZoo University has expanded its programming to include the School of Animal Wellness. These sessions are designed to help store owners learn about animal nutrition, pet food ingredients, pet food labels etc. to help them buy and sell more effectively. Media are also invited to arrive a day early to attend the 2nd Annual Pet Industry Executive Summit (PIES), held September 10th at the SuperZoo venue. The summit is designed to address the hot topics and important issues facing the industry today.
  • Groomers from as far away as Italy, India and Japan will compete in world renown grooming competitions—from classic to “high-fashion” to philanthropic—and a chance to win the first-place jackpot prize of $10,000 (the largest one-time purse in any competition). Groomers can also take advantage of grooming-specific seminars and products on the show floor.
  • Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo will perform live at the House of Blues in conjunction with SuperZoo on Tuesday, Sept. 11. General admission tickets are $10 and all proceeds are donated to the Pets in the Classroom program. (Event is sponsored by P&G Pet Care.)