How Many Dollars Does it Take to Market your Pet Store? Allocating Marketing Dollars to Maximize Sales

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 9:30 am–10:30 am South Pacific C

Have you noticed that your customers are incredibly savvy and discerning where they direct their attention when it comes to marketing/advertising for retail services and products? Have you noticed the “distracted” shopper who is still researching products even when they are standing in front of the shelves in your store?  Where should you allocate your marketing dollars to insure that your pet business gets its’ fair share of the dollars these “connected” consumers are spending? Attend this session and learn how you can, and should, allocate your marketing dollars in order to meet the most customers for the phase of business you are in.

Attendees will learn how to determine how much of your marketing budget should be allocated to each aspect of your business and marketing plan in order to maximize leads, new customers, special events and other sales activities. We’ll focus on the goal of getting the most eyes on your business in the channels your customers are participating in on a regular basis!  We’ll also review how to audit your marketing spend for efficiency and how to assess your efforts against your competition to determine if adjustments need to be made. 


Lynn Switanowski

Creative Business Consulting Group