Marketing and Making Money From Your Millennial Customers

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 8:00 am–10:00 am Islander Ballroom C

You know they are connected, you know they are distracted, AND you know they have money to spend.  But what is your pet business doing about it to capture the spending dollars of todays’ millennial customer? Attend this session and get a deeper insight into what makes the millennial shopper spend money in retail stores today. Learn how to capture their attention before, during and after the shopping experience in your store and how to get millennials to share their experience with their like-minded friends.

Learn what makes this powerful group tick – who they are and what they want – in order to attract and engage with this generation who wields a tremendous percentage of spending power for your pet business.  And finally, we’ll share the top 7 ways to make your Pet Business a millennial favorite with marketing tips, merchandising tactics and referral methods sure to keep your pet business top-of-mind for all the millennials in your area! 


Lynn Switanowski

Creative Business Consulting Group