Why you Need the Social Selling Mindset

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 8:00 am–10:00 am South Pacific B

Having an attitude of success is vital to reaching your goals. The Social Selling Mindset is a tried and true outlook that helps businesses engage with customers, get more online and foot traffic and see a boost in sales. It’s the one tactic your business can’t live without.

 During this seminar, you’ll hear:

  • Exactly what the Social Selling Mindset is, and why businesses that don’t have it… don’t last.
  • Case studies from independent retailers who saw results like selling out of items posted on Facebook in  two days, highest attended events and breaking sales records month over month.
  • The exact steps to follow to get in the Social Selling Mindset and start seeing results.
  • All about your soon-to-be favorite marketing tools. You’ll want to bookmark these.


Crystal Vilkaitis

Crystal Media