See How Much Better You Can Be with these Helpful Show Tips

At SuperZoo, we work hard to make sure that you have an outstanding show experience. That’s why we’ve put together all of the vital information, helpful resources and important services you need to get the biggest return on your show investment.

A broad range of Exhibitor Services and Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities are available to you as a SuperZoo exhibitor to help you attract attention, showcase your company and connect with as many prospective customers as possible. Stay a step ahead with the handy checklist below so that you’re fully prepared for the show—and you can devote all your energy toward making sales and meeting new prospects once you’re here.

Please be sure to review our Official Contractors Reference Guide.

Exhibitor Checklist

1) Budget and book your space.

Find out everything you can about your space, including:

  • Location on the trade show floor
  • Other exhibits nearby
  • Physical conditions of the booth space, such as lighting

Budget methodically:  Create a budget allocation worksheet for every show and use it as a task-management checklist.

2) The D Word: Drayage

Drayage can be a baffling (and often contentious) concept to trade show novices. Drayage is the term for the handling of exhibit materials from the dock at the show location to the exhibitor’s booth within the show hall. Trade show participants pay a fee, based on the weight and number of packages, to have their show materials received at the dock and moved to their show space. WPA includes a 300# drayage credit.

In many cases the cartload service is the most appropriate and easiest way to move smaller shipments. No wheels are allowed on the show floor, but you may hand-carry your material in through the front or hand-carry door. Utilizing the cartload service will save you time and energy and is an affordable option.

3)  Leverage social media.

Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn—or user-friendly website builders like WordPress— offer unbelievable potential to drive qualified booth attendance. Start small – but start. Use these tools to let attendees know about your show specials and where to find you on the show floor.

4)  Manage your time.

Save time by taking simple steps before the deadlines. Register badges before the show, pick them up during move-in and skip the long lines. Save money when you place your orders on time, as special discounts may be offered on packages such as booth furnishings. You may want to order carpet, electricity, tables and more. Not doing this in advance may cost you. Pay attention to shipping information to understand receiving dates and best shipping values. Make sure you get your name and booth number in front of attendees in the show daily, pocket guide, mobile app and online digital booth.

5)  Think outside your booth.

Launch your new product(s) with added exposure when you sign up for the New Product Showcase. Build your brand outside your booth by increasing the visibility of your company through these valuable marketing opportunities. Build awareness, grow credibility and set your company apart with time-tested strategies. Click here for Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities.

6) Beware of Scams
There are several scams being solicited to exhibitors.  Please be aware of our Official Contractors.