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Success requires staying competitive—and that means staying on top of what’s new for your trade. Sharpen your professional skills and get the information and training you need at exclusive grooming seminars. Led by experts in three grooming categories, these targeted, hands-on sessions equip you with the techniques and expertise you’ll need to take your grooming business to the top.

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SuperZoo Grooming Seminars  July 2014
Seminars          Member         Non-Member
Each                     $  69.00        $  79.00
1 Day Pass            $175.00        $199.00
2 Day Pass            $259.00        $299.00
3 Day Pass            $349.00        $399.00

Monday July 21, 2014
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

CPR – PetTech First Aid and Care for Your Pets      
Price $175.00
Room Palm B
Presented by Mary Oquendo & Beth Cristiano
Pet First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet that is injured or ill.  Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death.  The topics covered are as follows: Bleeding, Shock, Restraining, Muzzling, Primary Pet Assessment, CPR, Rescue Breathing, Fractures, Limb Injuries, Insect Bites and Stings, Seizures, Heat and Cold Injuries, Pet Vitals, Poisoning, Choking Management, Snout to Tail Assessment and First Aid Kits.  A mannequin will be provided for each enrollee for this hands-on 4.5 hour certificated course.

Breed Profile & Masters Groomer Certification    
Price $175.00
Room Palm C
Presented by Linda Easton, ICMG
Breed profile certification is the designation of certification for groomers who are proud to showcase their accomplishments.  Certification is based upon the groomer’s technical skills in grooming pets and interpreting the breed’s standard of perfection in their groom, as well as demonstrating balance, proper angulation and symmetry.  This workshop will give you the tools to read and interpret breed standards and to improve your skills.   Linda will make suggestions on finding dogs for certification and will provide video of the most popular dogs used for certification.  She will discuss various grooming techniques used by pet groomers, including snap-on combs, scissoring, thinning shears, hand-stripping and carding and finishing touches. Attendees will receive workshop a manual & certificate at completion of class.

Tuesday July 22, 2014

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Puppy Play Groups “Times they are a Changing”  
Room # 4
Presented by Gary Bessette
Start getting ready for the future today.  Learn how you can incorporate and run a Puppy Play group. Gary has years of expertise in safe handling of pet play and will speak to what you can do today to be ready for tomorrow.  Learn how you can make money by adding this new service to your business.

American Cocker Spaniel – Demo
Room # 5
Presented by Ann Martin
Ann will share her award winning talent with all that attend this seminar on Grooming the American Cocker Spaniel.  Ann will demonstrate useful tips on correctly grooming the Cocker Spaniel.  Ann grew up with this breed and will share her award winning techniques and her secrets to caring and preparing the coat.

Feline Psychology 101: Seeing the World through Their Eyes     
Room # 6
Presented by Stacey Ward
Cats are often misunderstood leading to miscommunication and mishandling. Knowing what motivates, frightens and comforts a cat is the basis for providing compassionate care.  Cultivating the skill of seeing the world “through the cat’s eyes” will help to properly address the needs of the cat and promote trust and cooperation.  In this session Stacey will unlock the secrets of the cat’s mind so you can work with confidence.

Pet First Aid for the Shop – Q & A            
Room # 7
Presented by Mary Oquendo & Beth Cristiano
Bring your written questions for Mary and Beth to this one of a kind First Aid open forum.  This session will focus on policies and procedures for First Aid in your grooming shop.  Attendee participation is encouraged.

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

How to Keep your Off Leash Play Setting Safe
Room # 4
Presented by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA
In this session you will learn how to minimize the risk of dog bites and fights in your off leash playgroups.  Robin will show how the skill of your staff, and the screening of the participants, will keep your play setting safe.  In this session you will learn when to dismiss a dog from daycare, the tools to use to break up a fight without injury and the steps to take after a fight happens.

Grooming the Popular New Doodle Breed      
Room # 5
Presented by Shaunna Bernardin
As one of the most popular new Designer Breeds, the Doodle Breed is a wonderful addition to our daily grooming.  In this session you will learn how to set a breed standard and a shorter version groom that is easy to maintain.  You will learn tips on brushing and combing the Doodle and fresh new ideas on the best looks for this very popular Doodle.

Advanced Skin Care Part 1     
Room # 6
Presented by Micah Kohles, DVM
We all have the chance to improve the lives of the animals we care for and recognizing common skin issues is a great way to do so.  In this session Dr. Kohles will cover how to recognize common bacteria, fungus and viruses and how to best care for them without crossing the line into veterinarian territory. He will also show how creepy crawlers (ectoparasites) have an effect on groomers and their four legged clients.  In this session Dr. Kohles present these common issues and complete the discussion with common treatments and therapies.

Basic Canine Massage Techniques Part 1    
Room # 7
Presented by Deborah Walker
In this session Deborah will share her expertise on muscle physiology.  Attendees will learn the conditions that may affect the dog when muscles become strained due to stress, excess or inadequate activity or poor circulation.  Deborah will share the many ways massage therapy can be useful for pet care professionals and the specialized massage therapy services that may be offered to clients.

2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Adding Pet Services to Your Business  
Room # 4
Presented by Amy Howard
Have some laughs and learn how adding the services of pet waste removal and pet sitting can be lucrative.  This can be a great way to own your own business and a fantastic add-on to an already existing pet business.  Topics include: licensing, vehicles, equipment, contracts, feed and eliminate sheets, client cards and notes, payments, door hangers and more.  Get the scoop on the pet waste removal business in this hilarious seminar.

Ask the Expert Panel Discussion  
Room # 5
Moderator- Teri DiMarino Presenters Mario DiFante and Joey Villani
Spend some time with three of America’s most well-known pet industry professionals, Teri DiMarino, Mario DiFante and Joey Villani.  Teri has owned and operated salons and mobiles in Florida and California. Mario owns a high-end salon in Rhode Island and is the promoter of the original Pet Fashion Week. Joey, also known as “The DogFather”, has experience in school operation, salons and product development.  Together they garner well over 100 years’ experience in the grooming industry and will share their knowledge in this round table discussion.  Bring your questions for these competition-class pet stylist business professionals, don’t miss this “up close and personal” opportunity to learn from the best.

Advanced Skin Care Part 2              
Room # 6
Presented by Dr. Micah Kohles, DVM
In part 2 Dr. Kohles will discuss some of the more common diseases seen in our client’s pets and their impact on skin and coat health.  He will share his thought on the importance of having a good relationship with a veterinarian and how a positive relationship is a win-win situation.  In this session he will cover how to prevent cross contamination of contagious skin ailments as well as give an overview of commonly used medications and topical therapies used to treat skin disease.

Basic Canine Massage Techniques Part 2 
Room # 7
Presented by Deborah Walker
In this session Deborah will demonstrate basic massage therapy techniques. She’ll show you how to use massage to improve a pet’s health and well-being.  This program is an interactive hands-on session and attendees will be provided a mannequin to practice their techniques.

Wednesday July 23, 2014

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Daycare/Playgroups for Profit     
Room # 4
Presented by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA
Whether you are adding day care as an optional service or starting a new business, this session is a virtual operation manual for dog day care providers.  This session provides a road map to doggie day-care success with recommended facility guidance, staff-to-dog ratios, playground equipment and other set-up concerns.  This seminar will teach you all you need to know before you start letting the dogs out to play.

Basic Pet Poodle Demo         
Room # 5
Presented by Ann Martin
In this demonstration Ann will show you what to look for when starting to groom the Poodle to get the proper proportion for a balanced trim.  Ann will begin the demo with clippers for face and feet work and then go to the scissor work.  In this demonstration you will see the frame of the Poodle and learn how to create the Poodle Look of Perfection.

Making Masterpieces out of Nightmares in Record Time!  The Science behind De-matting, De-tangling and De-shedding
Room # 6
Presented by Dave Campanella
The most strenuous and time-consuming physical activities groomers struggle with on a daily basis are de-shedding, de-matting and de-tangling.  Many techniques, tools and formulas attempt to help tackle these tough challenges, but do you really understand what’s going on from the hairs perspective?  Dave will present his insights based on product testing and electron microscopy images of hair samples taken before and after treatment.   He will guide you to the most effective method for combating these otherwise taunting tasks. You will learn how to safely release more shedding and undercoat with no pre-brushing, cut prep time up to 85%, reduce stress and avoid muscle strain and injury to you and your clients’ dogs.  All in Record Time!

Creative Basic Blow Pens    
Room # 7
Presented by Christy VanCleave
In this session you will learn how to do simple designs with Blow Pens.  Christy will demonstrate creative blow pen designs in this fun demonstration class.  Attendees of the session will receive hands on experience with the blow pen.

10:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Creating an Effective Business Plan   
Room # 4
A Guide to Building Design, Financing and Long-Term Business Operations.
Presented by Al Locker
The adage ‘failure to plan is planning to fail’ has proven too accurate for many in the Pet Care & Lodging Business.  Business plans are a great tool, whether you are just starting out, expanding or navigating the continual operation of your business.  The thought is intimidating for some; however, the exercise organizes and focuses your efforts and may expose weaknesses.  Using that knowledge is your guide for success and can prevent wasting thousands of dollars.

Scissoring With Mario: The drop coat to Perfection  
Room # 5
Presented by Mario DiFante
In this session you will learn how to ease the stress of scissoring specific breed coats, such as the Shih-Tzu, Lhasa and Maltese.  Utilizing specific shears and cuttings techniques developed by Mario, learn the fundamentals of point, layer, and spiral cutting, to end the frustration of scissor marks and blunt finishes on these difficult coat types.

Learn How to Market Yourself to Improve Your Business     
Room # 6
Presented by Joe Zuccarello
This topic covers the importance of customer perception through how we market our businesses to our customers through our appearance, cleanliness and professionalism.  You have heard the adage, “You only get one chance at a first impression” and yet we often set ourselves up to fail through our first impressions.  In this session Joe will discuss key points like image, confidence and customer expectations.

Proven Strategies to Grow Your Pet Salon  
Room # 7
Presented by Amy Howard
Tired of not making enough money?  In this session you will learn the steps you can take to grow into a large-scale commercial salon that grooms over 60 dogs a day. Observe a business model that utilizes: team trimming, higher average ticket price, add-ons, pricing, pay scales, Internet, salon layout, customer relations, technology and more.  By tapping your salon’s true potential you can make the big money, crush your competition and live the comfortable lifestyle that you deserve.

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Art of Temporary Coloring
Room #7
Presented by Lori Craig
In this class Lori will show you how to boost your income with fast and easy temporary coloring in your salon.  This session will cover Blo Pens for large and small areas and how to prep longer coats to keep detail.  Airbrushing will cover Bark Arts new ink and airbrush, how to clean your machine, how to get the right consistency of ink for your airbrush, airbrush designs and how to set your design using Bark Art stencils. Learn how to use Bark Art nail pens, nail polish designs and much more.

Understanding Canine Body Language  
Room # 4
Presented by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA
When you are fluent in dog language your job as a pet care provider will be interesting and fulfilling.  Your center will have healthier and happier pets which results in satisfied loyal clients for your business.
During this seminar you will discover how to read dog body language and recognize their emotional states.  You will learn when a dog is enjoying or tolerating interactions, how to recognize common stress signals and the correct action to take to reduce a threat.  This seminar is helpful to anyone dealing with dogs, including groomers, daycare technicians, trainers and veterinarians.

It’s not all about the Grooming 
Room # 5
Presented by Joey Villani
Learn how to manage and make the right decisions to run a successful operation from Joey “The DogFather” Villani.  Joey has over two decades of experience as a grooming instructor and owner of the Nash Academy in New Jersey.  In this session he will provide information on marketing, targeting customers, design and much more.

Grooming the Aggressive Cat: Techniques to Keep Everyone Safe  
Room # 6
Presented by Stacey Ward
Not every cat loves to be groomed.  Aggressive reactive behavior is almost always fear or pain provoked.  Learn how to use effective feline-friendly methods to soothe the tiger on your table along with procedures that will protect both of you.  The use of restraint devices will be explored.  Gain the valuable insight needed to reduce the risks associated with this specialty grooming service.  Live demo included.

2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Pet Lodging – 101: How to Run Your Pet Lodging Business Like a Pro!   
Room # 4
Presented by Suzanne Locker, CKO
Learn how to maximize efficiency in your staff training and operations procedures.  Your customers will be amazed at the consistent, loving care you provide for their pets. Suzanne will share what she has learned in over two decades of experience.

Advanced Scissor Techniques      
Room # 5
Presented by Pam Lauritzen
If you would like to learn how to scissor faster while improving the quality of your work, then don’t miss a minute of this fantastic seminar.  Included is “pivot point scissoring”, a revolutionary scissor technique that reduces the time required to “set in” proper angulation; “outlining”, a time proven method of defining the shape of the pattern to be placed on the dog; “guide blade cutting and blending”, a proven scissor technique that will reduce scissor time while improving the smoothness of the trim; and body position in relationship to the task.  A pioneer in the mechanics and art of pet styling, Pam will share her award winning and time proven scissoring techniques and methods with you.

The New Generation of Pet Grooming     
Room # 6
Presented by Jessica Romani
Want to see state of the art tools and learn how to use them correctly?  Come and see Jessica Romani’s introduction to amazing products.  She will introduce a spectacular tool groomers have been wishing for that is now on the market!  Jessica will share how to make your shop professional and convenient for your customers with the latest presentation techniques and technology.

Defensive Handling in the Grooming Shop 
Room # 7
Presented by Debbie Oliver
In this session you will receive information to help you handle the difficult dogs in your shop.  Learn the traits of the fear based, fight or flight and aggressive dogs and how body language impacts how best to handle them.  Information on the equipment that is needed in every grooming shop to safely handle most dogs will be discussed as well as your shop layout.

Thursday July 24, 2014

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

So you want to be a Dog Trainer
Room # 4
Presented by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA
As a professional in the industry we are often asked about the various training philosophies and certifications for dog trainers that are available for our client’s dogs.  This seminar will provide the information you must have on the various training methods and class formats that are available so that you can better inform your clients.

Springer Spaniel Pet Clip
Room # 5
Presented by Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich
In this session you will learn how to create a correct look on a pet trim for the Springer Spaniel.  Pina will demonstrate how to get the correct look of the head & face working her way down the neck to create the correct chest.  She will show how the clipper work will result in a smooth finish.  You will learn from Pina how to create the look of the spaniel including the finishing & feathers and the feet trim.

Cat-Friendly Grooming Styles:
Room # 6

The Full Coat Groom, the Lion Clip, & Everything In-Between
Presented by Stacey ward
A grooming style for a cat should be about beauty, function and personal need.  There are specific benefits, and some drawbacks, to each style choice.  Modifying the coat in a variety of ways can be about aesthetics or may be an issue of ‘humanity over vanity’.  Help your clients determine the best look for their cat and the best ways to execute that finish.  Learn how to assess which cats are good candidates for particular options.  Video demonstrations and photo images from a wide range of grooming sessions will be shared along with a live demo.

Creative Design
Room # 7
Presented by Christine Speerin
Christine’s seminar will take the complexity out of creative grooming and show you how to get show stopping results with simple design and techniques.  Preparation is important in any creative design and you will learn how to organize yourself to prepare completely before taking on this rewarding project.  Learn shortcuts and different application procedures necessary for coloring your pet model.  Understand how to accurately mix colors and use the correct tools to avoid making the most common mistakes. Learn how to create structure and proportion and simple time efficient carvings and designs that you can implement into your daily salon work to boost your profit margins.  This seminar will take the mystery out of creative grooming and have you preparing, organizing and applying your own successful designs for your clients and competition.

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Essential Oils & Grooming
Room #7
Presented by Pennie Stone
Are you undecided as to which oils to use?  What to look for when buying oils?  Learn what aromatherapy is, what essential are and how they work together.  The history, uses, benefits and safety will be presented in this session.

Pet Facility Design Process
Room # 4
Presented by Al Locker
If you are considering investing in a new pet facility this session is for you.  In this session you will learn how the pet facility design process works, what it will cost and how to get started.  With over 50 years in the construction and design business, plus two decades of owning a facility, Al will be able to give you real insight into proven designs options.

Terriers by Denys
Room # 5
Presented by Denys Lorrain
If you have ever wanted to know about the terrier coat don’t miss this unique session by one of the top European groomers.  Denys has bred and shown terriers, winning many international and world titles.  He will share his passion for the techniques of hand stripping and the correct use of the tools for the various types of terrier coats.

Animal Behavior & Management, Part 1
Room # 6
Presented by Pam Lauritzen & Deborah Walker
In order to work with animals effectively and with minimal risk of injury to yourself or the animal, it is essential to understand instinctive behaviors and why animals react the way they do.  In this insightful presentation, Pam Lauritzen, renowned animal behavior expert and Deborah Walker, expert animal trainer, will discuss innate and learned canine behaviors.  This session will cover nervous system types, reflexes, territorial boundaries, perception and social development and their impact on animal management.  Before you work with canines, you should first understand how to interact with their instinctive and learned behaviors.

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Managing Off-Leash Play Groups
Room # 4
Presented by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA
Gain confidence to effectively work with groups of dogs and improve your ability to safely manage off leash play.  In this seminar you will learn key qualities and tools used by effective playgroup leaders, common dog play styles and why they are important, recognize common traits of good play and how to safely intervene when dogs display inappropriate behaviors.  This seminar is what you need to know about dogs before you start letting the dogs out to play.

Portuguese Water Dog
Room # 5
Presented by Cheryl Purcell
This Breed Demo will cover the retriever trim for both show and pet. Cheryl will cover the history of the Portuguese Water dog and how the trim evolved for this breed, including the Lion Trim.  Cheryl is a breeder of the H2O and can answer your questions about this unusual and unique
Breed of dog.

Animal Behavior & Management, Part 2
Room # 6
Presented by Pam Lauritzen & Deborah Walker
Problem solving is the focus of this intense, interactive seminar. Pam and Deborah will help you find solutions to behavior problems you are encountering.  You’ll learn problem solving techniques and methods and participate in a group interactive session.  Bring your questions and let Pam and Deborah help you develop rehabilitation programs for some of your most difficult problem dogs.

Reading the Signals of the Dogs you Groom
Room # 7
Presented by Christine Speerin
Often we label dogs as being difficult to groom, yet someone else will find them well behaved.  In this fast paced society, doggie signals can often be overlooked or misinterpreted by groomers and staff.  This seminar is aimed at showing you how to correctly interpret and deal with the warning signs that we sometimes overlook.  By learning these simple techniques and adjusting your responses, you will see how you can gain satisfactory and beneficial outcomes for both you and the dog. Increasing your awareness will help you polish the wheel on canine body language and reduce the threat of dog bites and injuries.  Christine will show you how massaging techniques and communication tricks will turn those difficult dogs into happy clients.


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