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Tradeshow: August 17 - 19, 2021 Education: August 16 - 19, 2021. WPA365 Launch September 22nd.

Grow Your Business by Adopting Tech Tools to Improve Your Customer Connections

Retail Sessions Tue, Sep 1 8:00 am - 9:30 am Islander Ballroom

Do customers walk into your store with cell phones poised to take pictures, look up products, scan barcodes and use price comparison apps to see if they can find a better deal?

2020 is the perfect time for your pet business to get in front of these connected customers and learn to leverage these same apps to not only attract the attention of customers- but to showcase your business and become as efficient as your customers. Join us for this extended session:
• Learn why your customers want to use apps and other research tools to learn more about products they want for their pets before, during and after their purchase has been made
• Learn what tools your customers find most effective when it comes to finding out the information they want to learn about their pets and the products/services they need
• Learn what software and apps to add to your pet business in order to enhance your efficiency and help your customers get information in real time about your business, products and services
• Learn why using the same tools your customers do is an easy and inexpensive way to get the basic information you need to stay price competitive
Attend this seminar and learn how your pet business can implement apps, tools and CRM systems that will help you always be where your customers are- and more importantly- where they want you to be this year and beyond.


Lynn Switanowski
President, Creative Business Consulting Group

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