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Groom to Impress—Learn All the Latest Techniques

Specialized classes and hands-on workshops for groomers equip you with the advanced expertise and training you need to satisfy your clients every time—whether they’re looking for a simple trim or the sassiest new trend. Led by industry experts, these targeted sessions are a wise investment in your business, teaching you useful new grooming techniques and business strategies to inspire your creativity and expand your services.


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Monday, July 20

12:30pm-6:30pm – Special Session

“Ready – Set – Go!  Prep – Bathe – Dry!”
This session is not included in the Day Pass and must be purchased separately.

Presented by:  Teri Di Marino, DiMarino & Associates

A good bathing and drying job is easily 50% of a great groom and 100% of many! The bathing room has been the starting point for every successful stylist and the active salon needs to pay more attention to this importance position. With an emphasis of safety and efficiency, Teri guides this fun and informative all-day seminar through an average day in a busy salon. Safe handling practices and a keen focus on time-saving tips and techniques will help save time and improve the finished work.

This seminar is a real eye-opener for the “groomer technician” as well as a lesson in efficiency for the seasoned salon owner.

From check in to check out.  Integrating a salons’ bathing staff into the check-in and prep process gives them responsibilities that will make a busy salon hum like a well-oiled machine.

Tools of the trade and their proper and efficient use:  Teri will demonstrate the efficient use (and alternative uses) of some common (and uncommon) tools. Safety restraints and their alternatives will be an area of focus. Tasks, such as nail trimming, ear cleaning and brushing will be discussed and made easy. Safety and comfort of the pet is always emphasized.

Dematting: It’s everybody’s problem! Everyone has a technique or tool that works well for them but you can save time, aggravation and money with a few easily applied techniques. Equipment and its proper use as well as handling the owner of a matted pet will be discussed.

Shampoos, Conditioners and Sprays:  Which one is the best? Teri will take a “groomers-eye” look at the bubbles. Why do they work and how can we get the best out of the bottles?

Bathing: It’s more than just getting them wet.  Quick, efficient bathing and proper application of the products you use can make all the difference in the “feel” of that coat at the end of the groom.

Drying: The finishing touch. Teri will discuss the proper use of the equipment as well as different drying techniques. Dry coats quicker and learn how to get that final “oomph” on the coat to help you get a better scissor finish.

1pm-5:30pm – Special Session

CPR-Pet Tech First Aid and Care for Your Pets
This session is not included in the Day Pass and must be purchased separately.
Presented by:  Judy Hudson, NCMG certified PetTech Instructor, and Judy Routley, certified PetTech Instructor

Pet First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet that is injured or ill.  Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death.  The topics covered are as follows: Bleeding, Shock, Restraining, Muzzling, Primary Pet Assessment, CPR, Rescue Breathing, Fractures, Limb Injuries, Insect Bites and Stings, Seizures, Heat and Cold Injuries, Pet Vitals, Poisoning, Choking Management, Snout to Tail Assessment and First Aid Kits.  A mannequin will be provided for each enrolled attendee for this hands-on 4.5 hour certificated course.


Health and the Groomer:

Presented By Dr. Jim Warner, International Professional Groomers

In this session Dr. Jim will show you easy ways to avoid injuries while grooming. With the back and hands responsible for 80% of all work injuries proper techniques while grooming may extend your career.  Don’t miss this session and learn how you can groom pain free.

How to start up and run a successful Pet Services Business

Presented By Christy VanCleave, Muddy Paws

Christy VanCleave, operates Muddy Paws/Pets Helping People in Tulsa, Oklahoma a non-profit grooming, boarding and day care facility.  In this session she will walk you through the process of starting your own pet service business.  Come learn from her experience how to create your own successful business.

See Something, Do Something. Why Wait? Aspirate. Dr. Sue Cancer Vet TM 

Presented by Dr. Sue Ettinger, Dr Sue Cancer Vet PLLC

  • In veterinary medicine, most skin and subcutaneous tumors can be cured with surgery alone if diagnosed early when tumors are small. “See Something, Do Something” (SSDS) is Dr. Sue’s cancer awareness program for lumps and bumps for dogs and cats that is launching in 2015.
  • SSDS provides groomers, pet owners and veterinarians guidelines for evaluating superficial masses in dogs and cats. These guidelines will increase client awareness, promote early cancer detection and diagnosis, as well as early surgical intervention. Groomers are on the front lines of early detection and important team members in early detection. Join us to hear about this exciting new program and how groomers can help. Early detection saves lives.

Teaching Customers the Ability to Observe Dog Behavior

Presented By Robin Bennett, RB Consulting

Reading dog body language is an important skill and pet professionals can play a role in educating pet owners what they need to know to be safe around dogs.  During this seminar you will discover how to explain body language to pet parents to help them recognize safe, cautious and dangerous emotional states, know when a dog is enjoying or tolerating interactions, react appropriately to aggressive displays and be their dog’s advocate.


Grooming, Boarding and Daycare with the Cancer Patient

Presented by Dr. Sue Ettinger, Dr Sue Cancer Vet PLLC

Cancer is not a death sentence is dogs and cats. Chemotherapy is well tolerated in the majority of pets undergoing treatment. With treatment, many pets are not only living longer, but living well. Many clients have questions about grooming, boarding and pet day care for their pets with cancer or pets undergoing chemotherapy. In this lecture we will discuss issues including:

  • Vaccines and the cancer patient
  • How immunocompromised are cancer and chemo patients anyway?
  • When is the safest time to groom chemotherapy patients during their treatment?

Speed Grooming with Style!

Presented By Michell Evans, The Grooming Tutor

Time is money!  In this demonstration Michell will show you her step by step process with attachment combs that will revolutionize your grooming.  You will be able to create fabulous styles and make money too by learning how to create more beautiful and expensive grooms for your clients in nearly the same amount of time!  Michell’s process called the “The Evans Method” will change the way you groom forever!


How to Fail a Dog Without Alienating the Owners

Presented By Robin Bennett , RB Consulting and Susan Briggs, Crystal Canine

Discover tools you can use to communicate negative information to owners and tips on how to turn these dreaded conversations into more revenue.

From Salon to Spa

Presented By  Karla Addington-Smith, A Fortunate Dog Spa

Expand your grooming horizons! Karla, former editor of Pet Boutique & Spa magazine and owner of the premium services salon, A Fortunate Dog Spa, Maineville, Ohio, will share her secrets for transforming your grooming business from salon to spa as she takes you through the steps of developing your spa menu, pricing your services, creating the spa atmosphere, boutique retailing and marketing.  Learn how to WOW your clients with added value services to build a successful, profitable business by enhancing client loyalty. If you are looking for motivation and ideas for taking your business to the next level, don’t miss this program!


Customer Relations – It’s Not JUST the Grooming

Presented By Barbara Bird, Transformation Pet Center

Let’s get real! The best pet stylist is not always the most successful groomer. Ours is a service profession that depends upon people skills as much as grooming skills. If there was one thing you could learn to do that would immediately improve your communications ability with clients, co-workers, employers/employees and significant others, would you take an hour to learn it? Let Bird become your communications coach. Learn how to maximize your communication ability and minimize problems that leave customers feeling misunderstood and unhappy with your service.

Bedlington Terrier Demo

Presented By Tammy Colbert, Surf City Mobile Grooming

In this demonstration you will learn the proper profile lines of the Bedlington Terrier including how to set the roach back correctly.  This demo will also include shorts cuts to achieve the correct head and tassel ears that are a signature of this breed.


Pet Services Business Model of the Future

Presented By Susan Briggs, Crystal Canine

Does the existing pet care business model work for the future? In this seminar you’ll discover industry financial data, trends to watch and learn how to get ahead of your competition by learning to provide your clients what they really want from pet care centers.

West Highlands White Terrier Demo 

Presented By Sue Zecco, The Pampered Pet Grooming Salon

In this demonstration Sue Zecco will instruct you how to groom the Westie to breed standard including how to get the Westie head and body in perfect proportion.  If you want to learn how to get that perfect round head or how to make a carrot tail then this is the class for you.  All certification groups take the Westie as one of the short legged terrier breeds.

Tuesday, July 21


The Bubbly Bichon 

Presented by:  Jonathan David, Lap Of Luxury Dog Spa

The Bichon Frise is one of the most animated, bouncy breeds we know. Their soft curves and unique style is always a head turner. While this trim can seem overwhelming, once you understand the lines you’ll love doing this cut.  In this one hour live dog seminar, Jonathan will talk about the proper profile and demonstrate techniques to achieve that continuous, rounded profile of this truly beautiful breed. The seminar will finish off with a demonstration of the “tricks” to achieve the round, devilish expression of the Bichon Frise head.

Finding Potential Health Problems in the Dogs You Groom

Presented By Karla Addington-Smith, A Fortunate Dog Spa

Routine professional grooming services have a direct impact on a dog’s health, comfort and social acceptance. Unfortunately, the health benefits to the dog are not always understood by the pet parent. Most healthy dogs are seen by the veterinarian once a year. A professional groomer may see that same dog between 3-24 times per year. Learning how to identify potential health problems in your clients’ pets, and reporting them in a responsible manner, will provide a very important value added service for your clients and enhance the professional role you play in the life of their pets. In this one hour program, you will learn what to look for in an eight point review on each dog you groom, and ideas for reporting your findings responsibly to the owner. Don’t miss this seminar!

Improving Productivity by Engaging Your Staff

Presented By Susan Briggs, Crystal Canine

As an employer it is critical to foster an environment of teamwork in your company.  This seminar will discuss real problem-solving techniques for addressing staffing challenges.  An inspired staff will lead to a positive and impactful company culture

Salon Safety & Sanitation

Presented by Linda Easton, International Professional Groomers

Come to this session and learn how your professionalism and ethics will help your salon attract and keep customers.  Topics to be covered include safety for both the groomer and the dogs, with an emphasis on the problems groomers often see in the dogs they groom with skin care, ears and teeth.  You will also learn cleaning and sanitation best practices.


Clippers:  The Secret Weapon of Time Management

Presented By Barbara Prueckel,  Doggie Style inc

Working more efficiently by increasing your speed is the best way to increase your income.  In this informative and fun demonstration, Prueckel will share her knowledge on how to use your clippers to their fullest potential. From kennel cuts to fancy teddy trims, there are ways to use these tools in a more beneficial manner. Don’t miss the innovative tips and tricks you will learn in this seminar.

A Lay Persons Guide to Dog Training Methods

Presented By Steve Appelbaum,  Animal Behavior College Inc (ABC)

Whether you are considering hiring a dog trainer or want the information you need to refer your clients to a dog trainer, this session will provide the information you need to consider in order to make an informed decision. In this session you will learn the differences between positive and negative reinforcement and how these principles are applied to dog training.  This session will provide you with the information you need to understand the array of methods trainers utilize.

Safe & Fun Playgroups: Stand Out From Your Competition

Presented By Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs

The popularity of off-leash play services has created a competitive marketplace. In this seminar Robin and Susan outline important aspects of excellent playgroups that emphasize safety and fun. You’ll get insight on training staff leaders, managing problem behaviors and creating a daily schedule of engaging and fun activities. Plus you’ll take away tips on how to market your services to prospective clients and provide a professional, safe, healthy and fun environment.

Schnauzer Demo: Learn the Proper Lines

Presented By Tammy Colbert, Surf City Mobile Grooming

In this demonstration you will learn to set the lines on the chest, shoulders and ribs for a well sprung look and the correct tail and hindquarters set. Learn how to execute the head and eyebrow to perfection on this distinct breed. Learning the lines on the Schnauzer will help you to perfect how you groom the other terrier breeds.


“Asian Style Grooming”

Presented By Olga Zabelinskaya, Elite Pet Spa and Boutique

Join Olga as she demonstrates the popular Asian style of grooming.  She will explain how to create the different head styles for your customers and how to utilize this style of grooming to attract new customers.

Groomer  Longevity – How Long  Will You Last?

Presented By Barbara Bird, Transformation Pet Center

What determines the productive life of a pet groomer?  By identifying the common health issues and causes of burnout, we can learn to manage some of the significant physical and emotional stresses that can cut short our grooming careers.  A veteran of 42 years behind the table, Bird will guide you to look at how to extend your professional life and how to maximize your productive years.  Some ways to direct your career in order to develop income away from the table will also be presented.

Temperament Testing for Group Play

Presented By Robin Bennett, RB Consulting

A key factor in operating safe off-leash playgroups is the effectiveness of evaluating new dogs.  During this seminar you will learn temperament testing for group play;  what information to gather before you do the temperament test, dog personality types a new dog should meet, body language and red flag behaviors, tools to quickly make decisions on whether to allow the dog in a playgroup and how to communicate evaluation results to dog owners.

Grooming the Intimidating Dog

Presented by Jonathan David, Lap Of Luxury Dog Spa
Difficult dogs can be very frustrating and frightening to groom but it doesn’t have to be. One of Jonathan’s specialties has always been grooming those dogs that no one else will. In his 25 years of experience, David has learned that most of those behaviors are misunderstood and they can be tackled.  He will share his tried and trusted methods to take the bite out of those dogs and share with you his “Tap & Touch Technique” which he has developed through the years with great success.

Wednesday, July 22


“Hand stripping 101”     

Presented By Michell Evans, The Grooming Tutor

Michell was a member of GroomTeam USA, winning the Gold medal for her hand strip on an Australian terrier in Spain in 2014.  In this demonstration Michell will show you how to apply very basic stripping and carding techniques to every day clients.  She will identify whether a dog is a good candidate for these methods and discuss the differences between stripping and carding.  She will advise you on which tools to apply to which coat types.  Hand stripping takes years to master, come to this demo to explore whether hand stripping is something that you would like to add to your set of skills.

Skin & Hair Anatomy

Presented By Pam Lauritzen,  International Society of Canine Cosmetologists

Learn about skin and hair anatomy and its reproductive processes. Find out the differences between human and canine skin. Get the truth about some of the “urban legends” surrounding clipping of hair. For example, do clipping double coated breeds really damage their coats?

Developing a Skill Level-Based Training Business Model

Presented By Robin Bennett,  RB Consulting

Levels training offers a new, more flexible way to teach dog training classes.  Levels training programs offer clients a flexible structure and enable them to attend more classes which can substantially increase revenue as well.

Set your clients up for success using this unique format, which gears each class towards the skills of the clients and their pets. This seminar will teach any trainer how to  restructure their classes using the levels format. Increase your revenue and decrease student attrition using levels training! This seminar will cover:

  • What is levels training?
  • Pros/cons of the levels format
  • Using orientations to manage the students
  • Move-up criteria for each level
  • Class management
  • Special-needs dogs
  • Administration of the program
  • Staffing
  • Preventing burn-out
  • Common problems and troubleshooting

The Bath Dog 

Presented by Linda Easton, International Professional Groomers

In this session Linda Easton will cover bathing topics from drying equipment to techniques, anatomy, skin and hair.  Easton will offer tips for stress free grooming and handling difficult dogs.  She will demonstrate trimming bath dogs and double coated breeds and discuss the pros and cons of clipping double coated breeds.


Scottish Terrier Breed Demo Pet

Presented By Jennifer Lee, International Grooming Academy

The Scottish Terrier, often called the “Scottie,” is best recognized for its distinctive profile and hard, wiry, weather-resistant outer coat in a black, brindle or wheaten color. Its beard, eyebrows, legs and lower body furnishings are traditionally shaggy. In this session Lee will demonstrate how to blend the body into the legs and the specific techniques to groom the distinctive Scottie head and ears.

Understanding Coat  Damage

Presented By Barbara Bird, Transformation Pet Center

Join Barbara Bird in a scientific journey into the hair shaft.  In this highly visual presentation, we will learn about the structure and biology of canine hair and identify the factors that negatively impact hair. With the use of SEM photography, we will see what damaged hair looks like and explore how coat damage occurs. The importance of choosing tools and products in order to maintain a healthy coat and minimize damage will be covered.  Various coat conditioning and treatment options for specific coat problems will be identified.  Be prepared: this seminar may change the way you groom!

Setting up Business Relationships with Dog Trainers to Maximize Profits

Presented By Steve Appelbaum, Animal Behavior College Inc (ABC)

Pet services are one of the fastest growing categories in the pet retail market. Dog training classes are an important component of the many pet services the pet retailer may provide.  This session will provide the information you need if you are considering adding dog training to your business.  In this session you will learn how adding pet training to your business will build customer loyalty, what to look for in a trainer, how to promote this and various training methods available.

The Financial Importance of Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Presented By Joe Zuccarello,  Cosmos Corporation

Individualism, Expressionism, AND Professionalism.  When you look in the mirror, do you see too much of any one of these traits?  Is this imbalance helping or hurting your business?  You may be doing more harm to your business (and our industry) than you think.  In this session, Zuccarello will speak candidly about these personality and appearance traits and how it affects your influence on the pet industry, the relationship with your customers, your staff, and believe it or not, how you feel about yourself.  These three traits have many different layers and Zuccarello will touch on some of the most important to pay particular attention to when coming face to face with your customers, both internal and external.  Zuccarello has managed hundreds of Professional Groomers and thousands of pet care providers in his nearly 30 years in this business.  He respects the art or grooming and the people who work hard every day, in the trenches, to provide this service.  Working side by side with some of the best in this field for nearly three decades and having a Master’s Degree in Business, he can surely put you on the right track to success in your field.  He will share some interesting stories and offer insight into what it takes to balance your identity and grow a business that your customers will appreciate and RESPECT.


Scissors 101: Understanding Your Shears

Presented by:  Jonathan David, Lap Of Luxury Dog Spa

Today’s stylists are faced with so many types of shears to choose from with so many options. With terms like bevel edge, semi-convex, convex edge, bent shank, offset, even handle and the list goes on, the options can be dizzying. In this seminar, Jonathan will discuss the various types of edges available and what they’re designed for.  Jonathan will also go over the various lengths and handle types available and the purposes for each type.  Also included in this seminar is proper cleaning and maintenance recommended to extend the life of your most precious of tools.

Skin Care Part 1: Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses

Presented By Dr. Micah Kohles, Oxbow Animal Health

We all have the chance to improve the lives of the animals we care for and recognizing common skin issues is a great way to do so.  In this session Dr. Kohles will cover how to recognize common bacteria, fungus and viruses and how to best care for them without crossing the line into veterinarian territory. He will also show how creepy crawlers (ectoparasites) have an effect on groomers and their four legged clients.  In this session Dr. Kohles present these common issues and complete the discussion with common treatments and therapies.

Creating an Interactive and Engaging Environment for Play Time

Presented By Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs

Are the dogs in your playgroups bored?  Is your staff providing the attention your dog’s deserve?  Teaching your staff to properly play and engage with dogs should be part of your training curriculum.  In this seminar you will learn how to teach your staff to be engaged with dogs, lead games, and keep off-leash play safe and fun.

Teach Your Customers How to Train Their Dogs to Like Being Groomed

Presented By Steve Appelbaum, Animal Behavior College Inc (ABC)

Nowhere is the old saying “time is money” more true than in the grooming business.  Dogs who are resistant to be groomed are harder to work with, take longer to groom, are more likely to be aggressive and cut into your profits.  In this session you will learn how to handle the dog that is resistant, by providing tips to train these dogs with positive reinforcement and how to share this information with your customers.


Attract More of the Right Customers!

Presented By Dr. Jim Warner, International Professional Groomers

Come to this session and learn Dr. Jim’s system to book more clients.  His system will help you fill the holes in your schedule with the perfect fit clients.  This session will include action items to use to increase your business.

Skin Care Part 2: Common Diseases

Presented By Dr. Micah Kohles, Oxbow Animal Health

In part 2 Dr. Kohles will discuss some of the more common diseases seen in our client’s pets and their impact on skin and coat health.  He will share his thoughts on the importance of having a good relationship with a veterinarian and how a positive relationship is a win-win situation.  In this session he will cover how to prevent cross contamination of contagious skin ailments as well as give an overview of commonly used medications and topical therapies used to treat skin disease.

Best Boarding Options for Dogs & Your Business

Presented By Susan Briggs,  Crystal Canine

Cage-free boarding is popular with dog owners, but is it really best for the dogs or your business? In this seminar you’ll learn the pros and cons of traditional versus cage-free boarding and how to create a business model that builds on the strengths of each.

Dealing  with  Client Complaints

Presented By Barbara Bird, Transformation Pet Center

We all dread that call or confrontation when a client voices dissatisfaction with our service.  Help is on the way! Find out the do’s and don’ts of handling customer complaints.   Bird will guide you through seven steps that have been used in many service industries to deal with customer complaints.  Learn how to put your personal feelings aside and effectively deal with client upsets through a method that may even result in a stronger bond.  Turn complaints into compliments!

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