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This program has a unique concept of allowing entrepreneurs, Inventors and product developers to pitch their ideas to potential investors, retail buyers, SharkTank Entrepreneurs, potential licensees and much more. All in hopes of moving your product to the next level. This concept has been hugely successful in drawing a large and engaged audience who enjoy seeing the creativity and innovation.

The Panelists and Pros offer real world education, business advice and takeaways for both inventors, entrepreneurs and viewers alike. These are successful business leaders themselves, so their feedback and advice can be invaluable for entrepreneurs seeking information, help and guidance.

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The Program can be inspiring and motivational for all who may have their own entrepreneurial thoughts. The program will showcase how everyday people can turn their ideas into successful businesses, and the hard work and perseverance that goes into making it happen.

Pitch to the Pros in many ways can be life changing and, in addition to the practical and inspirational aspects, can be entertaining to watch. The back-and-forth between the entrepreneurs and the panelists can be informative, educational and engaging, with moments of humor and levity.

Our Pitch to the Pros Program and Events have been impactful in bringing attention to Inventors, entrepreneurship and innovation, and has helped many attendees gain exposure, Knowledge, and receive deals/orders for their products on the spot.

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