Transformación de productos y beneficios en su tienda

El mayor gasto de su negocio minorista de mascotas es el inventario. ¡Tener demasiado poco de los artículos clave significa que puede perder ventas y tener demasiados productos que no se venden significa que su flujo de caja está atado en los estantes de su tienda con mercancía sin vender!

Both potential inventory issues can be resolved quickly and easily—if you learn the tactics necessary! Attendees of this session will learn critical ways to improve the performance of their inventory including:

• How to Calculate Individual Product Profits
• Setting Low Stock Alerts to Prevent Stockouts
• Identifying Best/Slow Sellers to Optimize Buying
• Using Sales Performance Data to Inform Purchases
• Improve Purchasing with Accurate Forecasting Processes
• Learning to manage temporary out of stock situations (with your vendors and on your store shelves)

Make sure to join us for this product and profit producing session. You’ll walk away with immediate ways to get more money from your inventory when you get home and for years to come.


Lynn Switanowski
Presidente, Pet Retail Helper