A New Kind of Diversity Making the Different Generations on Your Retail Team a Competitive Advantage

Ask yourself this question: “Who Are Today’s Clashing Generations?” Discover why it’s important to understand the generations next to you. Find out how you can close the proverbial “Generation Gap.” In this revolutionary training and development session, you and your team will walk away with tools to manage preferences, tensions, and expectations. You also discover how to manage different perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through understanding perspectives, everyone will begin having essential conversations on generational diversity. The discussions will result in everyone wanting to be a catalyst for change in their organization.

Learning Points:
• Understand the younger and older colleagues working alongside you.
• Provide ideas on how to connect with other generations.
• Enable you to get the most out of each generation on your team.
• Answer open-ended questions to help you take an introspective look at how you are the catalyst for change!


Kevin Coleman
Founder, KMC Empowerment, LLC