All Breed Model Dog Challenge

7:00 am: Check-in
7:45 am: Pre-Judging
8:00 am: Contest Starts
10:00 am: Contest Ends / Final Judging
10:30 am: Awards

Special note: Electric will NOT be provided in the contest ring. You must supply your own cordless clippers where applicable.                       

Contest Time Limit:
2:00 Hours

All competitors will compete in a single division

General Rules: You will be allowed to choose a purebred standard trim or a specific freestyle design for your entry. All registered contestants will be provided with a poodle as their model dog. Assembled model dogs will be placed on the assigned contest tables inside the ring by 7 am on Wednesday, August 24.

Prior to the contest start time, you will be allowed to brush out your model dog. Styling or color application is not allowed until the contest start time is announced.

Color application is approved during the contest only as it elevates the presentation of the chosen purebred standard or the specific freestyle design. The surrounding area of color application should be protected fully and the applied color should not distract from the overall design or beauty of the entry. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, application of extensions, feathers, additional hair, or any foreign substance.

Final Judging: Judge(s) will evaluate the following: Balance, symmetry, uniformity, style of the trim and mastery and adherence to the chosen style or breed standard (if contestant selects to create a purebred entry). For scissored entries, the plush overall appearance without scissor marks, unevenness or unintended protruding coat will be considered. Clipper work should be smooth. Judging will encompass difficulty with regard to the amount of coat removed and the balance and proportion of the completed style. Purebred entries will be judged evenly with freestyle entries with beauty, balance, and overall finished design being considered.  If color is applied to the model, the application should enhance the beauty and realism of the purebred or freestyle design, but should not distract from the overall groom.

Prize Money:
1st Place2nd Place3rd Place


Cindy Oliver
Owner, The Rollin' Doghouse

Shannon Tupes
Owner, Releve’ Bichons