Groomer’s Masterclass Guide To Skin Health: Dermatological Anatomy, Diseases, and Why Skin Is So Important

Dermatological knowledge isn’t just for vets. Possessing a basic knowledge of the skin and diseases that commonly affect it will make you a better groomer while helping you educate your loyal clients. In this master class, Dr. Micah Kohles (Chief Veterinary Officer at Compana Pet Brands), will provide a comprehensive look at the largest organ in the body while covering essential topics including: the anatomy of the skin, common skin lesions to look out for, and the Top 10 skin diseases affecting dogs, cats, and exotics. Increase your dermatological knowledge and become a better groomer in the process!


Dr. Micah Kohles, DVM, MPA
Chief Veterinary Officer , Compana Pet Brands/Oxbow Animal Health