Prior Proper Planning PREVENTS Problems: The 5 P’s to Ensure Profitability for Your Business

You may be hearing about, or seeing, the challenges of the retail sector when the overall economy is in a slowdown. But what you see, and how your pet business responds are up to you and how you approach it! And even though pet business trends are still showing growth in 2023, how much your customers spend on other products and services will be directly attributed to how your business plans to engage with shoppers.

Planning to attract both new and older customers to your pet business is a function of how easy and convenient you make it to shop – wherever- and whenever your customers want! Join us for this critically important session that will provide ways to move your business forward in good times and in challenging ones:
• Learn how to grow your critically important digital presence (so all customers can do business with your business)
• Learn when/how to add business improving, and customers facing software platforms, programs, and services across your entire business
• Learn what products/services you can add to your assortment that customers will pay for – (hint: customers will continue to buy luxury pet products/services- do you sell them?)
• Learn how to merchandise and market your pet business to attract today’s digital consumer (even when the shelves are bare!)

We got through Covid-19 as an industry, and recession or not, we can face this next phase together with the right business programs, systems, and tools in place. Never has pet retail been more ready to succeed – join us for this session and we will help you plan for a profitable future- no matter what’s happening outside your door (physical or digital!).


Lynn Switanowski
President, Pet Retail Helper