Sales Presentation – Functional products: key for loyalty and business growth!


Today the biggest challenge of any business is becoming exceptional and increasing the number of loyal customers. More than 30 years ago KIKA GROUP (known as WHITE DOG CLUB in the USA)  started successful pet business in Europe, Lithuania. The owner Janita being a world-wide known breeder of Maltese, Bichon Frise and Pomeranian has lead her business mission to create the  products which helps to prevent the problems, solve it and create a daily pet parenting as simple as possible. Tear staining, alopecia, dermatitis and other issues are the just the few reasons why she had to dig deep into the product creation. This couldn’t be done without the passionate love and expertise by understand true nutritional and skin/coat needs. Today business has grown to a leading pet specialty chain in the Baltic States and products, created in her own factories, are being exported and acknowledged in 58+ around the globe. The key to business success became functional products which help business to become outstanding and increase of loyal customers. The products by KIKA GROUP  are born in Europe but raised by the world!