Selling Consumer Delight

Only consumers buy products, so only consumers can keep us in business. Sounds simple, but with so many other things to manage, we pet industry brands, retailers, and service providers sometimes take our customers for granted.

Today, consumers hold all the cards, and if you are not providing yours with timely solutions and pure purchase delight someone else will.

Do you have a sustainable strategy to know your customers, to drive loyalty, and to find more?

Join us for this essential discussion on crafting YOUR formidable pet consumer strategy and developing specific insights and tactics that you can use to stand-out in the marketplace.

• Understanding Today’s Pet Shoppers.
• The New Rules of the Pet Biz Game.
• Don’t Imitate: Differentiate or Disrupt.
• Where is Your Blue Ocean? Competing on Your Strengths.


Michael Johnson
Principal, BSM Partners