Sporting (Spaniels & Setters)

7:15 am: Check-in and pre-judging
7:45 am: Contest Ring Closes

8:00 am: Contest Starts
10:00 am: Contest Ends / Final Judging
10:45 am: Awards

Special note: Electricity will NOT be provided in the contest ring. You must supply your own cordless clippers where applicable.


(See WPA General Rules for more information about Divisions)

Contest Time Limit: 2:00 (2 hours)

Acceptable Breeds: Spaniels and Setters (see specific breed list)

BreedTime Allowed
Clumber Spaniel2:00
American Cocker Spaniel2:00
English Cocker Spaniel2:00
English Setter2:00
English Springer Spaniel2:00
Field Spaniel2:00
Gordon Setter2:00
Irish Red and White2:00
Irish Setter2:00
Sussex Spaniel2:00
Welsh Springer Spaniel2:00

Acceptable coat growth: It is the responsibility of the show promotor and/or their designated judges to determine adequate coat growth.

Styling: Must be groomed to breed profile as presented in the conformation show ring.

Time Frame: 2 Hours

Acceptable Styling:

• All styling must take place during the time frame of the competition except where noted below.
• All dogs must be groomed according to breed standard.
• All dogs may have sanitary and pads shaved prior to class start.
• All dogs may have nails trimmed and ears cleaned prior to class start.
• Finishing sprays are permissible in order to tidy up after the competition time frame ends however, re-shaping with water or product application is prohibited.
• Chalk products are permissible prior to and during the competition time frame but are prohibited after time is called.
• Sporting coats must be carded and/or hand stripped. Clippers are only permissible as presented in the conformation show ring.

Prize Money

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place


Judy Hudson
Owner, Grooming Tails Mobile

Shannon Tupes
Owner, Shannon Tupes LLC

Olga Zabelinskaya, NCMG, IMG
Owner, Elite Pet Spa & Boutique / Zolitta