The 5 Step Content Creation Process

Save time creating scroll stopping content!
Who’s ready for more social media efficiency? If you’re like most retailers, you often feel depleted of fresh, creative post ideas, let alone see real results and returns from your posts. This session will introduce you to the simple 5-step process that our own Crystal Media Content Specialist, Steph Bechard, uses to get engagement, visibility, and sales without wasting time, energy, and money. You’ll learn:
• The structure of a successful post
• How to adjust the lens to create content for your PCGs (Perfect Customer Groups)
• How to never run out of content ideas
• Time-saving creator hacks
• Why consistency is crucial
Let designer-turned-social strategist, Steph, help you better understand the rules of content design and the tricks to get that content seen.


Steph Bechard
Brand and Content Manager, Crystal Media