The Benefits of Resilience and Successfully Navigating Change in a Fast-Paced Retail Workplace

In this popular and interactive presentation, we’ll discuss how we can better work through the many facets of change, including:
• Demonstrate a greater ability to successfully lead, build collaboration and navigate a culture of change
• Identify the 7 most powerful actions (compiled from my 5-year survey) we can take to grow important communications and DEI in the workplace
• Recognize the challenges of staff as some transition to a more remote work environment (as public health and business needs dictate)
• Develop a stronger-agile vision to stay productive, engage as a leader and create deeper relationships at all levels
• Discover 3 Key factors that allow individuals to stress less, grow engagement and produce even during challenging times
• Engage change management skills, better communication skills and a stronger, more flexible staff/team
The world’s changed professionally and personally as we’ve all been challenged to change how we live, work and socialize. None of us are the same now that a pandemic has shown us a new normal. People are focused, hopeful and concerned about their jobs. To retain your team and talent and grow business, you must understand the effect change has on staff or risk losing them to a competitor. People want to work and bring with them tremendous knowledge and much needed skills.
Addressing this, and other employee concerns openly will increase recruitment efforts and retention, grow productivity, lower stress/burnout and health issues, as well as strengthen important communications.
We understand that change is a constant and it’s our job as owners and leaders to assist staff who are struggling, give them the tools and let them know they’re not alone.
Change comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s organizational change or health concerns. Or, it may be uncertainty in our industry, supply chain disruption, more competition. And, it can be the people side including how to cope. Fear and anxiety, new management new staff and new roles can be an opportunity for growth. Plus, change can provide additional learning, inclusion, higher retention and advancement.
When we successfully navigate the intricacies change brings, we continue to grow, increase our productivity and have a distinct advantage in advancing the important retail pet services we provide that our pets and owners love! It’s a leader’s responsibility to help their team navigate change with the least amount of drama, tension and fear. This presentation will give you the tools needed to lead staff and teams through change, grow communications and business plus create a strong workplace culture.


Scott Lesnick
Speaker, Successful Solutions LLC