The Crackle Factor: Taking Your Store Off Auto-Pilot!

The experience a customer has in your store is even more important than the product that you sell. How’s yours? Consumers complain that too many stores look and feel the same: stale, uninspired, and staffed with people who look like they’d much rather be somewhere else. Now, you might read this and think, “Not MY store!”, but what if your perception is wrong? How your customers view your store is what counts, and today’s savvy customers want the shopping experience in the stores they choose to CRACKLE! Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender call it “The Crackle Factor”, that wonderful feeling of anticipation you get each time you visit your favorite store; that “you never know what cool thing is around the corner” kind of feeling that builds in the pit of your stomach. During this presentation you will learn what it takes to create exceptional and exclusive customer experiences that are unique to your store. If your Crackle! needs a jump-start, you won’t want to miss this presentation!


Georganne Bender & Rich Kizer