The JRG Body Blueprint: Technical Know-How to Balance Every Dog

Being a skilled groomer isn’t based on how blended a haircut is, or if the haircut is even all over. Groomers need to have a developed eye to see the shapes of the haircut, and the technical know-how to balance every dog. But that can be overwhelming, so Jess developed an easy-to-follow step-by-step blueprint that takes the big picture and cuts it down into small concepts. This pet trim course will help you develop your eye so you can make every dog balanced, intentional and adorable.

In this demo, Jess will cover:
• Mindful handling techniques to create a calm dog
• Ways to develop your eye so you can see the haircut and the dog’s shape
• Beautiful balance for every coat type


Jess Rona
Owner, Jess Rona Grooming