Utilizing that SDS (Safety Data Sheet) to Maximize Groomer/pet services Information

That Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that should be accompanying everything from your grooming products (shampoos, conditioners, etc.) to disinfectants is more than an OSHA requirement. They are valuable sources of information that are often just put into a binder and forgotten. However, the information contained in this document can greatly enhance your knowledge of every groomer product in your salon.
As we focus on the grooming products, there are sixteen (16) distinct sections in the SDS that you can utilize to understand the attributes of these products. As pet parents become more educated, you need to know any components that may affect the pet family. Also, as a professional groomer, you need to know if there could be components that may affect your skin, eyes, or inhalation during the grooming process.
Other important sections will tell you how the products should be stored to maintain the quality of the product. Have you ever wondered if the product has changed? How about checking the chemical/physical properties section to confirm the product’s stability? Other important information in this section is the pH, color, and odor.
Time will not allow for reviewing all sections of the SDS, but we will touch on select sections to assist you in educating yourself, your clients, and your employees.


Dr. Dale Sanson, PhD, MBA
Pet-Ag, Inc. Director, R&D and Formulation for Fresh ‘n Clean®, Fresh and Clean