Model Dog Contest 

Model Dog Contest – Wednesday, August 14

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11:00 AM – 3:15 PM

This is a pre-groomed contest. You may deliver and set up your model dogs starting Wednesday, August 14 at 8 AM. 

**All model dogs must be completed and delivered to the contest stage by the deadline of Wednesday, August 14 at 10:45 AM. No late entries will be accepted. 

Model dogs must be purchased by competitors before the show. We will not have model dogs available to sell to competitors onsite. 

Model dogs must be fully groomed into a Freestyle, Purebred or Creative style and ready to present to the judges by Wednesday, August 14 at 11:00 AM.

You may enter as many model dogs as you like. Each entry is $35

The model dog awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, August 14 at 3 PM. All competitors must be present at the contest ring by 2:45 PM. Each category will have one Best in Class winner and one Honorable Mention. 

Prize Money:

Title: Prize:
Best in Class Freestyle $100, plus a rosette
Honorable Mention Freestyle rosette
Best in Class Purebred $100, plus a rosette
Honorable Mention Purebred rosette
Best in Class Creative $100, plus a rosette
Honorable Mention Creative rosette