The pet industry is continually evolving, fueling potential stories about consumer trends, government regulation, new product launches and more. We invite qualified working media to cover these issues and more with a complimentary press badge that provides:


Qualified members of the media will be provided a press pass. Please review the SuperZoo press credential policy.

Press credentials will only be issued to representatives of the media who cover the pet industry by publishing articles/content on a regular basis or writing regular reports. Private consultants and freelancers who are paid by a third-party company are not eligible for a media pass and should request a pass through the sponsoring company. Show management reserves the right to qualify all registrants and grant press credentials only to certain members of the media.

Please contact Julie Franks to request more information about registering as a member of the press. Press badges will also be issued onsite with qualifying credential.


Any attendees joining the show from a media outlet     who do not have an editorial role and do not meet the press criteria will be asked to register as Media Sales. A Media Sales badge costs $595.

Media Sales attendees can register here. Before registering, please review the SuperZoo media sales credential policy here.


For more information about SuperZoo, or questions about press registration, please contact:

Julie Franks


Exhibitors and credentialed members of the press are welcome to use SuperZoo logos to accompany stories or promote the event. Simply click on the format you wish to download and save it to a desired location on your computer.