Blenders and Thinners: A Drop Coat Master Class with Melanie Newman

Blending and thinning a drop coat is a labour of love and as a groomer, it is an important tool to have at your disposal to achieve a well-blended head and legs that frame the body. In this Masterclass, Mel will hone your skills in the art of using blenders, chunkers, and thinners to create a polished head and legs on a drop-coated breed. With a basics first approach, the class will start with a lesson in easy snap-on comb attachments on the body, before the real challenging work begins. If you are ready to hone your grooming skills to achieve a well-sculpted and blended drop coat, come and join Mel to get the edge in your next groom.


Melanie Newman
Founder, Melanie Newman Salon Essentials