Managing Your Money BEFORE it’s Spent: Cash Flow is the Key to Your Business Success

About 60% of small businesses say they regularly struggle with cash flow issues, and 40% of them say that it has restricted business growth – what is the answer for your pet business?

How much money is going out the door versus how much is coming in i.e.- cash flow— is essential for every business. Learning to manage your money -before it’s spent will help your pet business succeed! Attendees of this session will learn key tips and tactics for how to manage their cash flow including:
• 3 critical things every pet retailer must do to manage your inventory processes
• Learn how to retain accurate records to optimize inventory, expenses, and payroll
• How to Optimize accounts payable to optimize profits
• Make sales transactions more profitable
• How to prevent fraud/shortage at your pet business

Maintaining a healthy cash flow can help ensure that you have cash available for your needs today and in the long term. Join us for this session and learn how AND where to invest your time and resources when it comes to money at your pet business!