Who To Hire, How to Staff for Maximum Performance, Tips for Hiring and Keeping Employees Productive and Happy

We’ve all heard about the great exodus of employees for retail stores—but why are some retailers having much better success when it comes to their staffing? It is because the best-in-class retailers (pet and otherwise) are recognizing that maximizing employee performance requires happy and engaged employees!

Join us for this critical staffing session where your pet business will learn to plan, prepare, and create a loyal, engaged, and happy staff. Session attendees will learn:

• Who makes the best employee in 2023 for your pet business?
• How to schedule your staff to meet store needs AND maximize their skill sets
• Why Employee Happiness Matters at your pet business
• Tactics for keeping employees happy and productive
The pandemic has shifted the world of work, hitting the fast forward button on all workplace (pet business and otherwise) trends. It is now more important than ever for companies to keep their employees happy and productive – join us for this critical business session and learn how to hire, manage, and retain a happy and productive team!