Businesses are qualified for their primary business function. WPA has the final say in business type qualification.


Definition: Owns or works for a retail store (this includes online stores). Store must sell more than one manufacturer’s product line or brand to consumers. Not applicable if you are only selling your own brand.

You do not qualify as a Retailer if you only sell one product line or brand. According to our company classifications, if your company owns the brand name on all products sold in your store, you are classified as a Manufacturer.

  • 零售 – 水族館
  • 零售 – 觀鳥店
  • 零售 – 全線寵物與美容
  • 零售 – 全線寵物(帶動物)
  • 零售 – 全線寵物(不含動物)
  • 零售 – 飼料/農場/牧場
  • 零售 – 禮品 / 精品 / 特產
  • 零售 – 帶寵物用品的美容店
  • Retail – Online
  • 零售 – 爬行動物商店
  • 零售 – 草坪 / 花園 / 部門 / 家居 /五金
  • 大眾市場 / 價值 / 美元 / 俱樂部 / 雜貨店 / 藥品



Manufacturer Representatives are defined as independent third-party agents or companies who represent two or more manufacturers in a sales capacity. To qualify, Manufacturers Reps must provide the names of exhibitors they rep.


Manufacturers / Brands or start-up companies that are not exhibiting but wish to attend the show Cost: $895


Includes: Grooming Schools, Mobile / Independent Groomer, Pet Sitters / Daycare / Boarding / Trainers

Industry Guest

Definition: Any attendee not directly or indirectly involved in the Pet Industry.

Industry Affiliates