World Pet Association produces two grooming shows – One at SuperZoo, Las Vegas, NV and the other at GROOM’D, Atlanta, GA. Contact: , 11801 Pierce Street Ste 200, Riverside CA 92505-4400, USA, (800) 999‐7295 or (626) 447‐2222.

Contest Registration will close on July 26, 2023. Only entries submitted online through the show Registration website will be accepted. Registration is not complete until payment is made in full. There are no refunds after the contest registration close date.  Contestants under 18 years old may compete, but must have an adult parent or guardian sign and submit a waiver. To request a waiver, please email Janelle Tamez at

特別提示: 比賽擂臺內的任何比賽都不會提供電動。您必須提供自己的無線設備。水療中心將提供電力準備工作。



只有參賽部門 可以使用剪刀、剪刀和稀薄剪,當車身通常在運動級和金屬絲大衣級的展示環上手工剝離和/或梳理時。比賽時間將減少15分鐘。

WPA shows are GroomTeam sanctioned. Please refer to the full GroomTeam Rules.


開放:(新郎團隊積分) 向所有參賽者/造型師/專業美容師開放。禁止在任何節目中將某人置於公開組並擊敗某人,不得參加中級或入門組的比賽。

中間: 僅限未獲獎的參賽者:

進入: 僅限於從未參加過比賽或未獲勝的參賽者:

For all Classes: Ring opens at least 15 minutes prior to prejudge, contestants must be present for prejudging or they will not be permitted to compete. Check contest schedule for times.

毛色生長: 建議六周或更長時間的毛生長;然而,由於有些狗比其他狗更快地長出被毛,足夠的被毛生長被定義為足夠的被毛來使狗的外觀發生明顯的變化。手工剝離的品種允許捲起或旋轉的外套,但必須足以使狗的外觀發生明顯變化。

比賽犬準備: 在比賽開始之前,狗的外套應該乾淨、乾燥且沒有墊子,指甲應該被剪掉和/或銼齊,耳朵應該清潔。衛生區域和腳墊可以修剪。除增強外套的自然顏色外,禁止著色;只能使用無毒的顏色和產品。

Products and Product Application: Chalk may be applied prior to or during the competition time period to aid in hand stripping or enhance coat color. It should be used sparingly and should not rub off on the judge’s hands. It is prohibited to apply any products once each contest finish time is called. Hair sprays, finishing sprays and gels may be applied during the competition time period. Once the contest finish time is called, sprays are limited to minor application. Re‐shaping, such as the marcelled Kerry Blue coat or spray‐up of the show Poodle headpiece is prohibited.

裝飾物和假髮: 如果個人比賽規則允許,可以在比賽開始前使用與狗相同毛色的接發。禁止使用蝴蝶結和圍巾等裝飾物品,除非個別比賽規則中另有規定。

Contest Dog Qualifications: The competition dog must be current on vaccinations as required by law, age appropriate for competition, (recommendation is between the ages of 1 and 10 years), appear healthy, free of disease, open wounds, injuries and parasites, must not show obvious signs of pregnancy or nursing, must not show signs of aggression or viciousness, must be leashed when not crated or not being groomed and must never be left unattended. WPA and Animal Safety Standards must be followed at all times.

Pre‐Judging: Prior to the contest start time, Judges will evaluate the dogs during pre‐judging to confirm the following: dog is entered in the correct class, the allotted time for the breed, groomer is entered in the correct division, and there is sufficient coat growth, preparation, and suitability of dog for competition. Judges will make a notation of specific information supplied by the contestant such as missing coat, scars, warts, healing injuries, etc.

Contest End: Contestants should clear the table of hair, tools and equipment and place a comb on the table and then stack and present their dog to the judge.

Competitor Protocol: Appropriate grooming attire and shoes should be worn at all times, (low cut shirts or pants, tight shorts or very short skirts and flip flops are considered inappropriate). Contestants’ attire that management determines to be inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to compete. Consider the dog’s color when choosing a competitor’s attire. Professional manner, attitude and good sportsmanship must be practiced at all times. These attributes are displayed when a competitor respects fellow competitors, judges, and contest dogs. Professional conduct is also carried into the care of the contest dogs, and respect for hotels, grounds, rooms and property.

Application of Professional Skills: Contestants must maintain a safe styling station at all times, (open scissors left on the table for the dog to step on is an example of an unsafe styling station,) practice safe handling techniques at all times, apply technical skills with safety. Nicks, cuts and clipper burns are considered unsafe technical skill applications.

比賽擂臺嚴禁使用: 手機、收音機和耳機、吹風機、火焰裝置或吸煙、不在防潑濺容器中的飲料、視覺或書面說明、非常大的釘子箱、狗窩板條箱、站在桌子或椅子上、比賽期間任何人的指導。

Equipment: WPA/SuperZoo will provide grooming tables and grooming arms in the contest ring. Contestants must provide grooming equipment, such as but not limited to: table risers, scissors, cordless clippers, blades, brushes, grooming loops, products, etc.

Warnings and Disqualifications: Judges and Show Management will monitor the contestants during the competition to ensure a professional atmosphere is maintained. Warnings may be given to include: unprofessional image, unprofessional conduct, unsafe skill application, unsafe grooming station, unsafe handling, etc. A second warning may result in dismissal from the class. A third warning may result in dismissal from the show. Failure to follow WPA Safety and Handling will result in competitor disqualification.

Grievance: Immediately notify contest coordinator of the grievance and then provide written notice. A grievance form can be found at the contest coordinator’s desk or ask the ring steward for a copy. Grievance(s) will not be accepted after the close of the class, with the exception of sportsmanship issues, which must be submitted prior to the close of the show and while all involved parties are on site.

報名費: 比賽截止日期為 2023 年 7 月 26 日後,不允許退款。 如果參賽者遲到、缺席、被取消資格或被評委或節目管理層原諒,報名費將不予退還。


All Winners: must complete a W‐9 form or International tax form before payment will be made. United States and Canada winner’s checks will be mailed within 30 days of close of show. All checks must be cashed within 90 days of issuance or they will be voided. Winners who are not from the United States or Canada will receive cash payment on Friday, August 18 after 10 am.


使用水療: 水療/沐浴服務以先到先得的方式提供。帶上毛巾在水療區晾曬狗。 您將獲得沐浴浴缸,洗髮水,護髮素,桌子,烘乾機和電力。



最佳表演 將從以下每個組的第一名獲獎者 中選出:鋼絲大衣、運動、其他純種馬和貴賓犬。組一等獎得主應與他們的狗一起留在比賽圈上接受最佳表演評委的評估,然後在列出的日期和時間返回最佳寵物造型師頒獎典禮。

最佳全能造型師 – 團體積分計算
為了有資格獲得最佳全方位寵物造型師的資格,參賽者必須參加至少三場 GroomTeam 批准的比賽。

小組第一名= 3分,第二組= 2分,小組第三名= 1分


Show photographer: Before and after contest photos are optional. All winner photos are mandatory including Best Pet Stylist in Show, Best First Time Competitor in Show, Best International Competitor in Show, Creative First Place, and all Group Winners. All photos will be taken inside the photo studio near the grooming stage. You may have pictures in the studio taken any time after the awards are completed. You may purchase these pictures from the photographer at Animal Photography.

動物安全和處理:所有世界寵物協會(WPA)的活動都將遵守 WPA動物安全和處理標準。


展會管理層將確定 對規則未涵蓋的任何問題的澄清。