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Tradeshow: August 17 - 19, 2021 Education: August 16 - 19, 2021. WPA365 Launch September 22nd.

See all of the pet products that are about to be huge, first

This year, one of the most popular areas of the SuperZoo show floor is jam-packed with even more expert insights, new-to-market products, business opportunities and excitement than ever before! Plan to spend extra time at the New Product Showcase, where you’ll get a comprehensive view of what’s hot in pet retail now and see the trends and companies that are about to be huge, first.

New Product Showcase Awards

A panel of seven industry experts selected the winners of the New Product Showcase on Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 1:30 pm. Top products brought home highly effective promotion packages — along with pride and glory.

Judges vote for the best overall product in each of these categories:

  • Luxury Lifestyle: These products are crafted with the highest level of quality, attention to detail and human-grade ingredients

Judging Criteria:

    • The emotional connection, do you like the product overall.
    • Is the quality what you would expect to see from a luxury product.
    • Will elicit a positive response in its target market.


  • Retail Shelf Appeal:  Innovative eye-catching packaging that effectively communicates features and benefits of the product

Judge Criteria:

    • Aesthetic and packaging design qualities.
    • What about this product makes it stand out.
    • Will elicit a positive response in its target market?


  • Point of Purchase:  This in-store display effectively grabs shoppers’ attention by combining graphic design features and structure design

Judging Criteria:

    • Aesthetic and design qualities.
    • How well does the POS display explain the features and benefits of the product?
    • What makes this POS display unique and innovative.


  • Pet-Tech:  Innovative Pet Products and apps designed with integrated technologies, promising a better quality of life for pets and owners

Judging Criteria:

    •  Looking for Innovative engineering, originality and design.
    • How does this product enhance the quality of life for pet and owner?


  • Humanized Pet Product:  Products inspired by all the little things in life we humans relate to. Creatively designed products to encourage and nurture the bond between owners and their pets

Judging Criteria:

    • The emotional connection, do you like the product overall.
    • Do you believe it will elicit a positive response in its target market?


  • Health and Wellness:  New-to-Market over the counter non-pharmaceutical products designed to promote optimum wellness for pets

Judging Criteria:

    • The complementary use of natural and/or synthetic compounds formulated to create the product.
    • Innovative use of alternative approaches for optimum pet wellness.
    • How well does the packaging explain the features and benefits of the product?


  • Eco-Friendly Pet ProductInnovative features incorporated into products that are environmentally friendly and help reduce the environmental footprint

Judging Criteria:

    • How does the product’s design, aesthetics, materials, and ingredients relate to environmental and sustainability responsibility?
    • Looking for ecologically impactful benefits.


  • New-to-Market Pet Food & Treats:  Original new innovations in pet nutrition

Judging Criteria:

    •  Looking for innovations with ingredient solutions for pet food and treats that are formulated for all-around health and wellness of pets.

Click here for the 2019 winners.

Winners receive:

  1. Signage in the New Product Showcase area of the show floor
  2. A listing in the SuperZoo mobile app with a notification announcing their win
  3. Their social media accounts featured by SuperZoo
  4. Inclusion in the ‘winner announcement’ email sent to all attendees
  5. Industry-wide recognition and media attention through the SuperZoo press release sent to trade and consumer publications
  6. An email with digital artwork that can be used on marking materials (press release, social media, website, product packaging, tradeshow booth, advertising materials, etc.) to promote their products after the show

2019 Judge Panel

Mike Duda
Managing Partner – Bullish. View full bio.
Jennifer Boncy
Publishing Director and Editor-in-Chief – Pet Product News Magazine. View full bio.
Jim Dougherty
Founder – PetSmart; Founder/Chairman – Petsense. View full bio.
Ruth MacPete
Veterinarian; Author. View full bio.

Rich Thompson
Managing Director – Factory-llc.com. View full bio.
Hannah Zulueta
Owner – Maggie Loves Orbit. View full bio.
Laura Reid
President & CEO – Fish Mart. View full bio.

2019 Panel Discussions and Prizes

Pet Care Innovation Prize – Wednesday, August 21st, 1 pm and 3 pm
The Pet Care Innovation Prize is a competition to support and connect innovative early-stage companies with products and/or services for sale, powered by a global leader in pet care – Nestlé Purina PetCare.

  • Panel Discussion 1:00 pm – “Data-Driven Pet Care Startups”: Whether you’re a hardware, software, SaaS or e-commerce pet care startup, data should be at the center of everything you do. Learn how to put data, tech and strategy at the heart of your startup.
  • Panel Discussion 3:00 pm – “Putting the Pet in the Center of your Pet Care Startup”: Lots of startups talk about UX but PX (the pet experience) should be on your mind more. Learn from behavioralists, nutritionists and founders on how to leverage the pet experience to grow great pet care startups.

Leap Pet Project – Wednesday, August 21st, 10 -11 am
Leap Pet Project is Leap Ventures’ startup pitch competition series, bringing six of the most promising pet care startups to the stage for a live contest at the industry’s biggest events. The winner receives $15k in prize money. Startups pitching include Adopets, Bark Buildings, Bond Pet Foods, Mew & Me, NewRoad Foods, and TEEF.

Factory LLC – Tuesday, August 20th
Factory is a team of experienced operators with $250 million of investable capital who acquire meaningful equity stakes in high potential food, beverage and pet health companies and partner with them to rapidly build value.


Even More to Explore  Two of the most frequented show features (and an exciting new addition) are moving into the New Product Showcase area of the show floor, creating the ultimate pet product trend and innovation hub. Discover exclusive products that haven’t hit the market yet at the New Product Showcase and check out these features while you’re there!

  1. Made In the USA: Tap into the locally made trend with high-quality products that proudly say “Made in the USA” on their packaging.
  2. SuperZoo Incubator: Discover trailblazing startup companies and the big names/potential investors who could help them take their businesses to the next level here — and stick around for actionable business advice from pet industry leaders.

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