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WPA Good Works: How SuperZoo Gives Back

WPA Good Works

Did you know? By participating in SuperZoo, you’re securing your industry’s future. SuperZoo is a non-profit event produced by the World Pet Association (WPA). WPA reinvests proceeds from SuperZoo right back into the pet retail industry through the WPA Good Works program.

Since 1950, WPA has been working to promote the well-being of pets and to foster a healthier, more productive pet industry. The WPA Good Works program was established to help fund organizations that are working for the good of pets and the pet industry as a whole.

Thanks to WPA’s industry-leading events: SuperZoo, Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference, Aquatic Experience and America’s Family Pet Expo, the Good Works program has donated more than $4 million over the past decade. Through the program, all proceeds from WPA events are funneled right back into the industry, supporting organizations and non-profits.

Protect Pet Choice Alliance

The Protect Pet Choice Alliance is a group of pet industry organizations and companies, including WPA, whose mission is to promote and celebrate responsible pet ownership, protect the rights of pet owners, ensure a sustainable supply of pets, foster industry commitment to animal care and breeding standards, and support well founded and meaningful regulatory and legislative initiatives regarding household pets. To learn more, watch this video.

Check out some of WPA’s recent initiatives and activities:

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WPA Advocacy on the Road with the WPA Road Crew

The WPA Retail Relations team leads efforts to support the pet industry by traveling the nation to meet face-to-face with pet retailers and service professionals and to promote the responsible growth, health and sustainability of the pet retail industry as a whole.

Road Crew

For more information about WPA and its efforts to advance the industry—or to learn how to become a member— visit www.worldpetassociation.org.

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