Wednesday, August 14

Mixed Salon/Freestyle
Entry Division: Anne Francis
Intermediate Division: Christine Speerin
Open Division: Adriane Pope

Entry Division: Judy Hudson
Intermediate Division: Shannon Tupes
Open Division: Olga Zabelinskaya
Group: Panel

The Clipper Classic
Jodi Murphy and Victor Rosado

Other Purebreds
Entry Division: Shannon Tupes
Intermediate Division: Tammy Siert
Open Division: Olga Zabelinskaya
Group: Panel

Model Dogs

Tammy Siert and Shannon Tupes

Creative Dog and Cat Styling
Entry & Open Divisions: Kelly Knight and Adriane Pope

Thursday, August 15

Abstract Design Challenge
Kelly Knight and Adriane Pope

Wire Coats
Entry Division: Tammy Siert
Intermediate Division: Anne Francis
Open Division: Judy Hudson
Group: Panel

Entry Division: Christine Speerin
Intermediate Division: Jodi Murphy
Open Division: Kelly Knight
Group: Panel

Best in Show Awards
Best First Time Competitor in Show
Best International Competitor in Show
Best All Around Pet Stylist in Show
Best Pet Stylist in Show

Victor Rosado

Friday, August 16

Super Jackpot
Victor Rosado, Christine Speerin and Shannon Tupes