Earning More Profit: Hidden Profit Opportunities at Your Business

Is 2024 the year you plan to profit beyond your wildest measure at your pet business? We can help!
Join us for this profit-first focused seminar to help you uncover hidden profit opportunities in your pet business across every operating area.

Seminar participants will learn how to identify critical areas where profit is found (and lost) and will walk away with tactics they need to capitalize on profit opportunities across the entire business including inventory ratio improvements for faster turnover, expense reduction how-to’s, and creating proper plans to monitor your profits all year long!

Join this session and walk away with a different perspective on where you can find more profits for your business everywhere. Discover the keys to enhancing your bottom line and securing long-term success in the competitive pet industry and be prepared to profit when you walk out the door!


Lynn Switanowski
President, Pet Retail Helper