From Woof to Wow: How to Build Pet Displays that Sell

Ever wondered why some pet store displays are irresistible while others go unnoticed? It’s not just luck – it’s strategy! Join us for an insightful seminar that shares how to build displays that captivate customers, encouraging them to stay longer and buy more. 

Using real-life examples from successful pet stores, you’ll learn: 
● How to Craft a Captivating Theme: Discover the art of choosing the perfect theme – the seasonal story – that will set your store apart. Learn how to achieve a visually stunning look that draws customers in and keeps them coming back for more. 
● Essential Fixtures for Eye-Catching Displays: We’ll explore the must-have fixtures that turn ordinary displays into extraordinary showcases and elevate your store aesthetics.
● Prop Mastery for Display Excellence: From playful to sophisticated, you’ll learn how to select and integrate props that create an immersive shopping experience and leave a lasting impression.
● How to Curate Product Displays with a Purpose: Learn how to curate displays that not only showcase your merchandise but also tell a compelling story. Curation can lead to increased average sales and build customer loyalty. 

You’ll come away with strategies, tactics, tips and techniques you can immediately use to merchandise your store like a seasoned professional!


Georganne Bender
Co-Owner, KIZER & BENDER Speaking