Groomer Masterclass to Skin Care: Anatomy, Diseases, and Their Significance

Embark on a journey into the world of skincare for pets in this comprehensive masterclass tailored for groomers. Dr. Kohles will provide an in-depth exploration of the anatomy of the skin, common skin diseases affecting pets, and their significance to grooming. From understanding the layers of the skin to identifying signs of dermatological issues, groomers will gain invaluable knowledge and practical skills to enhance their grooming techniques and promote the skin health of their furry clients. Whether you’re a seasoned groomer seeking to deepen your understanding of skin care or a novice looking to expand your expertise and elevate your grooming services to the next level, this masterclass will dramatically expand your knowledge of the skin and key diseases. Join us and your expanded knowledge will not only allow you to provide better grooming services but truly become a health and well-being partner to the pet and pet parent.


Dr. Micah Kohles, DVM, MPA
Chief Veterinary Officer , Compana Pet Brands/Oxbow Animal Health