How to Attract Shoppers to Your Brick and Mortar Store

It’s a competitive world out there! The leading independent does something cool for customers and soon stores across town will do it, too. A big box retailer adds a new service, and the other chains follow suit. Before you know it, every store is doing the same things to build traffic, yet customers fail to notice. With so much sameness out there, the question is this: What are you doing in your own store that makes it unique? What are you willing to do for customers that no other retailer can knock off?

Your success begins by standing out! During this presentation, you will learn how to re-invent and refresh your customer care, your policies, and your people; how to create unique customer experiences, and how to entice customers to tell their friends about your store. You’ll learn how to create top of the mind awareness; important tips about email and social media marketing, tools to help evaluate your online effectiveness, and more.


Georganne Bender
Co-Owner, KIZER & BENDER Speaking