IndieChat Live: A Peer Group Discussion About Important Topics Affecting Pet Retailers Today

Interact in person with other retailers to share ideas and hear first-hand experiences from those who have faced and successfully resolved the challenges we’ll address in this session and who are willing to share what they learned in the process.

You will come away with new ideas, resources, and the satisfaction of helping support the industry you love.

This session will tackle four critical topics:

  1. How to manage delivery and not go broke in the process,
  2. Local store marketing: how to consistently bring new customers into your stores, and
  3. How to optimize your product mix to sell what your customers want!
  4. What services should I offer at my store that will benefit my business the most?

You will have the opportunity to discuss each topic with a group of peers while the topic leader records ideas. At the end of the session, recorded ideas will be shared with all the groups attending, providing a view of the experiences of the entire roomful of successful pet retailers.