Rise and Thrive Online: Keys to Unlocking Your Growth Potential

Having a digital presence is more critical than ever, as 91% of shoppers look up your pet business online before visiting in person for the first time. Yet most brick-and-mortar businesses don’t prioritize online marketing and are leaving money on the table by letting competitors that do, take their business. This interactive workshop will empower you to show up online in your pet business with confidence and consistency. We’ll work together to unlock your growth potential using proven strategies from some of the world’s most influential business mindset coaches like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

In this session, you will learn how to:
● Narrow down your ideal client based on who you attract and repel. (which will make marketing online so much easier!)
● Overcome “feeling salesy” and turn sales into service that keeps customers coming back for more. (because they want the help only you provide!)
● Build your competitive edge and leverage your expertise as the go-to guide in pet care. (using what you already know!)

Join us to master these three keys and position your pet business to rise and thrive online and attract new customers!


Jolanta Smulski
Founder, Pet Pro Media