Simplify Your Social: The Proven Framework for Consistent Meaningful Social Media Success

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the online marketing world, or to be stuck in a cycle of repetitive, ineffective content. Until now.

In this transformative seminar, Crystal will cover the:

• Proven 30-Post Framework: Learn to craft compelling and results-driven content that’s SO EASY to create.

• Attention Economy: Understand how to effectively capture and retain your audience’s (very limited) attention.

• Independent Retailer Advantage: Discover how to leverage your unique benefits over big box stores and Amazon.

The #1 reason small businesses fail at marketing on social media and how you can avoid this. Stop wasting time on posts that don’t resonate and start building a strong, cohesive, and successful social media strategy. It’s time to simplify your social, unleash your potential, and let your business truly shine online. Step into this seminar and step into your future success.


Crystal Vilkaitis
Retail Social Media Expert, Speaker, Crystal Media