Carly Patryluk

Carly is no stranger to marketing and promotions. She left a corporate position after 25 years to  open House of Paws in October 2019. Known to her community as “a different breed of

pet store,” House of Paws extends the lives of pets through nutrition and provides pet food industry research and knowledge to her customers. Carly is certified in Pet Nutrition and Raw Nutrition.

Carly’s forte is thinking outside the litter box and House of Paws is now known not only for offering sound nutrition advice, but also creating and hosting a wide variety of unique and very successful pet inspired events which are fun and a great draw for new and existing customers.

Carly knows the best events are carefully planned, executed and then reviewed afterwards to determine its success and more importantly, a return on investment in time, resources and profit – a method helps to create a repeatable format and makes annual planning easier with each passing year!