Nancy Guinn

Nancy Guinn serves as the President of Dog Krazy Inc, a vibrant company dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. With a profound love for animals, Nancy entered the pet industry 18 years ago, establishing Dog Krazy with a vision centered on providing superior products and services while prioritizing canine well-being. Under Nancy’s visionary leadership, Dog Krazy has flourished into a successful enterprise, boasting 8 locations across Virginia. The company focuses on premium dog food, treats, toys, and accessories as well as stress-free grooming. Now, Nancy is leading Dog Krazy into a new phase by expanding into franchising, extending its track record of success and commitment to canine welfare to communities nationwide.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Nancy is deeply involved in supporting local animal shelters and rescue groups, advocating for adoption and responsible pet care. Through various educational initiatives and community outreach programs, she promotes proper nutrition, training, and healthcare for dogs and cats.

Motivated by her affection for all animals and her desire to make a positive difference, Nancy Guinn remains steadfast in her leadership of Dog Krazy, inspiring pet lovers everywhere to provide exemplary care for their beloved companions.


Women in the Pet Industry Panel
August 15, 2024 3:00–4:00 pm