Ron Rodrigues


Ron Rodrigues is the founder/CEO of Tippy Dog Mannequins Inc. a San Francisco based pet product visual merchandising company.

Ron grew up in the visual merchandising industry as his family operated one of the largest display companies in the world. Producing mannequins, fixtures and props for major retail brands across the globe. As an executive for the family business, Ron help grow the company throughout the 1990’s into the early 2000’s. Working with such retail giants as Gap, Disney, Bloomingdales, Sony and Coach, Ron became a valuable resource for the global retail trade.

It was around 2005 that Ron saw the emerging pet product industry setting new standards in retail and yet, felt that visual merchandising needed to be elevated across the pet product retail landscape. Starting slowly with just a few dog mannequins and a couple of pet boutique customers, Ron began to address the needs of the pet product merchandiser. Drawing upon his decades of “human” visual merchandising experience, Ron began to expand his collection of dog and cat mannequins and grew his business, to where today, his products are in thousands of retail locations across the globe.

His unique perspective of working with the local pet boutique to developing strategies for some of the largest pet product retailers in the world, he continues to evolve and fine tune his ability to offer his services as a retail business consultant, specializing in retail visual merchandising for the pet product industry.