SuperZoo Sportsmanship Code of Ethics


  1. Conduct themselves with integrity, courtesy and commitment to the sport and the competitive spirit.
  2. Abide by the rules, guidelines, policies and procedures set forth by the individuals and organizations that govern our sport.
  3. Are always considerate of the well-being of the pets entrusted to their care.
  4. Are respectful and considerate of fellow Competitors, Colleagues, Judges, Show Managers and their Representatives.
  5. Are respectful of show facilities and grounds.
  6. Conduct themselves with a high level of civility, decorum, poise and humility, regardless of the outcome of an event or contest.
  7. Do not disparage, defame or slander any Competitor(s), Judge(s), or Show Manager(s) or their Representatives.


  1. Disparaging or derogatory language or conduct toward any Competitor(s), Judge(s), Show Manager(s) or their Representatives.
  2. Cruelty, abuse or neglect of animals.
  3. Leaving the contest ring without permission or refusal to follow instructions or protocol set forth by Show Management, their Representatives or their Judges.
  4. Belligerent, rude and/or discourteous conduct toward any Competitor(s), Judge(s), or Show Manager(s) or their Representatives, or any other industry official or individual.
  5. Intent to sabotage any Competitor(s), Judge(s), Show Manager(s), or other individual(s) by gossip, rumor, hearsay, disparagement, defamation or slander.
  6. Premeditated or malicious damage to any equipment of a Competitor or to show property.
  7. Attempting to influence Judges or their decisions.
  8. Public rejection, disposal or destruction of awards.

Failure To Abide

By the aforementioned principles of sportsmanship could result in denial of entry at future shows, forfeiture of any titles, monies, awards, and GroomTeam USA will be informed of all proceedings.

Formal Grievance

Must be submitted in writing to respective Show Manager, and must stipulate concerned parties and issues for consideration in accordance with show rules and guidelines. Grievance(s) will not be accepted after the close of the class, with the exception of sportsmanship issues, which must be submitted prior to the close of the show and while all involved parties are on site.