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Tradeshow: August 17 - 19, 2021 Education: August 16 - 19, 2021

SuperZoo, North America’s Largest B2B Pet Product Marketplace, Supports The Connectivity of Brands + Retailers 

WPA365 is excited to introduce a new, immersive and virtual-reality inspired marketplace tailored to the WPA and SuperZoo audiences. Designed to offer real-time connectivity to vendors and retailers 24|7 and year-round.
Through a combination of virtual, interactive experiences, exhibitors of WPA365 will appreciate the engagement of this curated, one-of-a-kind marketplace. Among the features it includes are:

  • Immersive + Interactive Virtual Booths With “Like” or “Add to Favorites” Options
  • Multimedia + Content Rich Zones, for Dedicated Brand Specific Social Media
  • Live Webinars + Pre-Recorded Sessions and Demos of Products
  • Embedded Event Apps or Links Plus Live-Chat Options Through Chat Forums
  • New Product Showcase 

The experience of WPA365 is unlike any other in the pet industry and was created to help vendors reconnect with retailers and reimagine how they do business in response to unexpected changes in the global marketplace. Despite these unexpected changes, the need to connect with merchants remains the same.

Details in coming weeks will expand upon this valuable connectivity, where companies can explore opportunities, how-to-videos and more.

To get future information on WPA365 click here.

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