Spotting the Perfect Pet Product?

2023 New Product Showcase Information

Showcasing innovative products introduced to the Pet Industry since August 2023

New Product Showcase is now closed.

On-site purchases can be made Tuesday at 4:00 PM, based on space availability and will be sold first come, first serve.

All entries must be submitted by 5:00pm Pacific Time, June 30th, 2023, with a picture of their entries, to be entered and judged in the New Product Showcase through SUPERZOO Exhibitor Booth portal.  If entries are submitted after the deadline, products are not guaranteed to be reviewed or voted for by judges.

Company item entries will be placed side by side per category and space type (Cat, Dog, Bird, etc. and Tabletop, Floor, etc.).  WPA reserves the right to reassign any entries as deemed appropriate per category.

Item Check-In:  Products must be brought to the NPS area between 10am and 5pm on Tuesday.  If you arrive after 4pm you may be required to forfeit your original assigned space and be reassigned to a new space – if space is available. No refunds will be granted.  If you do not purchase the necessary amount of space for your display and it is shown not to fit the requirements when you arrive at the show, you will be required to reduce your display or forfeit your original space or purchase additional space and you will be assigned the next available space to place your item – if space is available.

If you do not check in your product at the appropriate time, you will need to make arrangements with show management.

24”L x 24”W x 36”H MAX. 70 LBS  PER SPACE (Not a locked case)
(Cost on‐site is $500.00)
40”L x 40”W x 6’ H PER SPACE (Set directly on the floor)
(Cost on‐site is $700.00)
Item or point of purchase display must fit within the required space of 40”W x 40”D.
(Cost on‐site is $725.00, if available)
A limited quantity is available. This is a multiple item display in its own display case.
23″L x 15″W x 68″H for display
(Cost on‐site is $725.00, if available)
A limited quantity is available. This is an unlocked multiple item display.
39”L x 10″W x 8’H
ELECTRICITY $99.00 If your display requires electricity

CATEGORy Placement

     □  Aquatics          □  Bird          □  Cat          □  Dog          □  Farm& Feed/Equine          □  Accessories & Gift **         □  Small Animal*          □  Grooming          □  Herptile          □  Point of Purchase                            

*Excludes categories already listed

**Accessories & Gift Products are items that do not fit into the above-listed categories 

RESTRICTIONS/RULES – The following are NOT allowed in the NPS area:

“Samples/Giveaways”  ▪  Stacks of cards, brochures, flyers, etc.  ▪  Double-sided printed display backboards  ▪  NO conducting of business in the NPS area; product placement only   ▪  Once the item is placed, it may not be moved, exchanged or removed from NPS area  ▪  Signage or unmandated items hanging in front of the table top – if added, it will be removed

Additional Rules:  Items may be PHOTOGRAPHED and touched by attendees while on display; if you do not want items to be moved please secure them to your tabletop/floor area  ▪  Any displays with display hooks must have a hook lock.  ▪  A product brochure/flyer may be placed but must be affixed to display, taped or in acrylic holder  ▪  Exhibitors may straighten up display, turn on/off monitors before & after show hours only.  24-hour security is placed in NPS during show days, WPA is not liable for any missing/stolen products.

Products Voting, Awards & Pick Up:


A panel of industry expert judges will review applications in each product category and provide a score from 1 to 3 (1 being lowest; 3 being highest) based on the criteria listed here.

1st Place and Runner Up Winners will be selected for the following categories: Dog, Cat, Bird, Aquatic, Herptile (reptile & amphibian), Grooming, Farm and Feed (including Equine), Small Animal, Accessories & Gift, Point of Purchase Displays (Shelf, Freestanding units), and Judges Award for Best New-to-Market Pet Product.

Final onsite product voting begins Tuesday evening and is completed Wednesday morning, August 16 by a panel of judges comprised of industry experts regardless of table-top, floor display, gondola or glass tower. All products must have a photo and description submitted by July 13th, final decisions will be made by judges on show site Wednesday, 8:00 AM, exhibitors and attendees will not be allowed into NPS, other than to switch on their product or video but must leave NPS until the show floor is open. 


Presented Wednesday, August 16 at 3:00 pm, at the Show Floor Talks stage.

Winners will receive:

Pick Up: