Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins


Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins opened the multi-award winning grooming salon Love Fur Dogs in Illinois in 2014. Named “Best Groomer in Chicagoland” by the Chicago Tribune, she has been grooming, breeding, and showing several breeds of dogs and cats for over four decades. A retired career schoolteacher now living in Virginia, Jennifer is an International Certified Master Groomer with an expertise in the science and history of dogs and the unique grooming needs of skin and coats of various types. She was featured on Season Three of the Hulu Television Series “Small Business Revolution” as a Grooming Expert. Jennifer also writes magazine articles, has won an award for her blog, and now has a monthly Groomers Guide Podcast. She has been active in legislation that affects pet groomers, building state and national grooming associations, and credentialing. Jennifer’s passion is groomer education. She has published a poster and has written a book of the same title, “A Groomers Guide to the Fifteen Coat Types,” based on her ground-breaking seminar. Jennifer and her husband Bill are also nationally prominent victim advocates who love living with their Miniature Poodles and Australian Shepherds.


The Fifteen Coat Types
August 15, 2024 1:00–5:00 pm